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To those who played with me, I was under the tag mdk2#6214 or something like that, can't remember the numbers. I changed my tag for worries of hacking as I was banned by Blizzard for almost a month. They uplifted the ban for the mistake on their part.


We recently closed the Diablo III license associated with this Battle.net account. However, we’ve found evidence that the closure may have been a mistake on our part so we have re-opened the account for play effective immediately. We humbly regret the error and hope that you will accept our sincere apologies.

It is our goal to ensure that Battle.net is a fun and safe environment for all players. We take security and fair play very seriously, and we are truly sorry that this license was mistakenly penalized as a result of our efforts to keep Diablo III enjoyable for everyone. If you have any questions about the policies we enforce in Diablo III, please see our In-Game Policies support article : https://battle.net/support/article/300722.

We hope this resolves any concerns you may have about this action, and we look forward to your safe return to Diablo III.


Blizzard Entertainment

I hope this never happens to any of you. I will be playing (maybe) but not as regularly as before the ban as this experience has shaken my confidence with Blizzard gamemasters. Sending tickets was futile, so if it happens, you might as well wait it out until they realise that they goofed up.

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