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His voice sounds a little bit like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eJyBa0obSaw

NUM 0 (Help)
"At my side!"
"Get over here!"

NUM 1 (Follow)
"Follow me."
"Let's go."

NUM 2 (Give)
"For you."
"A gift."
"Take this."

NUM 3 (Thanks)
*Grunts appreciatively*
"Thank you."

NUM 4 (Sorry)
"I'm sorry."

NUM 5 (Bye)
"See you again."

NUM 6 (Die)
*Roars furiously*
"End you!"

NUM 7 (Run)
"Get out of here!"
"Get out!"

NUM 8 (Wait)
"Stay here."

NUM 9 (Go)
"It's time to go."

Her voice might sound kind of like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kq38SE7Ccw

NUM 0 (Help)
"I need aid!"
"My light is fading..."
"Help, please!"

NUM 1 (Follow)
"Come, let's walk this way."
"Follow, friend."

NUM 2 (Give)
"This is yours."
"Please, have this."
"For you, my friend."

NUM 3 (Thanks)
"Thank you."
"You have my gratitude."

NUM 4 (Sorry)
"I-I'm sorry!"
"Please forgive me."

NUM 5 (Bye)
"Until next we meet."

NUM 6 (Die)
"The reckoning comes!"
"Sorry, but this is the end for you!"

NUM 7 (Run)
"Save yourself!"

NUM 8 (Wait)
"A moment?"

NUM 9 (Go)
"Are you ready?"
"Let's go, then."
"The sun won't burn forever."

The closest voice to what I had in mind comes from this guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCE-AcYtH4g

NUM 0 (Help)
"It appears that I require aid. Imagine that!"
"A little help, thank you."
"Only a bit of trouble. Help?"

NUM 1 (Follow)
"Right, then, come on."
"Come along."
"Here, follow me."

NUM 2 (Give)
"Hmm, you can have this."
"Here, make use of this."
"There you are, and you're welcome."

NUM 3 (Thanks)
"Why, thanks!"
"Thanks for that, comrade."
"Thank you."

NUM 4 (Sorry)
"Hmm, sorry about that."
"Right, that won't happen again!"
"Whoops, sorry."

NUM 5 (Bye)
"Bye, then."
"Fare you well."

NUM 6 (Die)
"You crossed the wrong Enchanter!"
"Taste this!"
"You'll be reduced to nothing soon enough!"

NUM 7 (Run)
"Oh my... run!"
"It appears it's time for us to, how they say? Get the hell out of here!"
"Damn! Run!"

NUM 8 (Wait)
"Wait a minute."
"Hang on."
"Just a moment, thank you."

NUM 9 (Go)
"Are you ready yet? How about now?"
"Let's go, let's go."
"You know what they say about those who sit still too long... no? You don't? Let's go."

At first, I thought the Reaper's voice should have sounded deep, reminiscent of Liam Neeson. But the more I think about it, the more I think he'd sound a bit like this guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NP-Dw81oFJc

NUM 0 (Help)
"I require assistance!"
"Deal with them!"
"Put your powers to use and aid me!"

NUM 1 (Follow)
"Are you coming?"
"Join me, or die alone."
"Stay in my shadow."

NUM 2 (Give)
"I don't need this."
"Hmph. You take it."
"Heh heh heh... I don't want it."

NUM 3 (Thanks)
**Soft chuckle**
"I'll remember your contribution."

NUM 4 (Sorry)
"Stay out of my way."
(Sarcastically) "My mistake."

NUM 5 (Bye)
"Must we meet again?"
"I'll... see you again. If you survive."
(Chuckling) "Go away."

NUM 6 (Die)
"I'm only here for one reason!"
"Don't worry, it'll all be over soon!"
"Just close your eyes..."

NUM 7 (Run)
"It's not your time!"
"Do you value your life? Run!"
"Fall back!"

NUM 8 (Wait)
"No sudden movements."

NUM 9 (Go)
"Time to move."
"Move, or perish."

I think the most fitting voice for the Artisan would reminiscent of the voice of this man: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKRAroB14SM

NUM 0 (Help)
"Agh! Help!"
(Drawn-out) "Heeelllp!"
"Quick! Help me!"

NUM 1 (Follow)
"Follow me."
"Right this way."
"Mind your step, now."

NUM 2 (Give)
"Here you go."
"I insist."
"Have this, free of charge."

NUM 3 (Thanks)
"That's nice!"
"I'll cherish this."
"Thank you very much."

NUM 4 (Sorry)
"Sorry, sorry."
"You alright?"
"Sorry about that."

NUM 5 (Bye)
"Till we meet again."
"Be careful out there."
"Bye now."

NUM 6 (Die)
"Here it comes!"
"Come and get it, bastard!"
"You're better off dead!"

NUM 7 (Run)
"Uh-oh... run!"

"Here they come!"
"Let's get out of here!"

NUM 8 (Wait)
"Just a moment."
"Wait here."

NUM 9 (Go)
"Let's not wait too long."
"Let's go."
"Time to leave."
I always think about this old topic I made back in 2013, and with the recent Blizzcon, I wanted to come back and revisit my fanfiction. So I guess I'll continue on from where I left off!


If the Hellborne had a voice reference, I'd call it this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0OMXMvYZiiM

NUM 0 (Help)
"I bleed..."
"Tend to me..."
"Your assistance..."

NUM 1 (Follow)
"Accompany me..."
"Follow... and see..."
"Come, we have souls to unmake..."

NUM 2 (Give)
"You may have this..."
"Use it..."
"You... are... worthy..."

NUM 3 (Thanks)
(Drawling) "Yeeesss..."
"Until the end..."
"You have my gratitude..."

NUM 4 (Sorry)
"Are you alive...?"
"It shall not happen... again..."

NUM 5 (Bye)
"Eternity lies ahead..."
"This has been... fruitful..."
"May the Hells embrace your foes..."

NUM 6 (Die)
(Laughter, progressing from human to demon)
(A demonic, bloodthirsty howl)
"You... are... NOTHING!"

NUM 7 (Run)
"Another... day..."
"Evil... overbearing..."
"Power... overwhelming..."

NUM 8 (Wait)
"Stand... still..."
"Where are you going...?"

NUM 9 (Go)
"Hurry... up..."
"I grow weary of this..."
(Impatient growl)
I'll throw down! You've made a hell of a post so I'll not try to overshadow you but I'm picking up on the same zeitgeist I hope.





Cael (pronounced CHAAL) is Vecin fighter. He is lanky, tall, with platinum, windswept hair and light blue eyes, uncommon to Vecin travellers. He is athletic, playful, amiable, and focused on self improvement.

The Slayer specializes in tactical battle, choosing the right weapons for the right time, leading the charge, and bolstering heavy defenses. Demon, Undead, and Dragon slaying are his specialties. The Slayer has an empathetic ability to sense what animals are feeling and can bring his animal companions into combat with him. The Slayer likes heavy armor and equally brutal melee weapons.


Ves is a serious Scosglen native that was trapped for some time in Tristram. She is young and calm, serious and firm. She has a deep, but malleable voice, pale skin, slick, dark, braided hair, and purple eyes with a cold demeanor.

The Cutthroat thrives in solitude but brings a host of tools and an acute perception of the environment. She may perform in ranged combat well but is devastating when the attention and focus of her enemies is drawn away from her. She has the ability to use her sticky fingers to turn the tide of battle. She likes daggers, bows, traps, poisons, explosives, and stolen Magick.


No is a divergent from the Coven. She is of wealthy, noble blood, well read and travelled. She conceals unkempt, ruby hair, hazel eyes, and frekled, soft skin. She cackles.

The Witch is capable of fully utilizing Ex Nihilo sorcery, but she also weaves learned magick with her studies. She may raise zombie, skeletal, or ghostly minions to do her bidding and shapeshift to disguise herself or inflict painful melee damage. The Witch uses daggers, wands, staves, totems, incense, a variety of items to curse friends and foes, heal wounds, and manipulate the flow of combat.


Estelle is a choir singing bookworm from Eastern Khanduras. She has travelled with good fortune and faith. She has a tanned complexion, short maintained, blonde hair, and mezmerizing crimson eyes.

The Sage abjures incredible spells to defend or wall off her allies and herself. She may use illusions to fool or blind enemies, recite verse to cripple demonic or undead foes, and use her own blood to sustain powerful divinations. The Sage is strongest stationary, able to read her spells without being winded running or dodging. The Sage likes gavels, mallets, candles, tomes, and effigies that energize physical and spiritual powers.


Krog is a brawler from the Arreat Mountains. He is muscular, wide, the tallest of the classes, clean shaven with long, brown hair. He speaks quickly with few words, often with smiles and pantomime. He has small, dark brown eyes.

The Brawler boasts of unrivaled physical prowess. The longer he pounds on one target, the more magnificent the beating he unleashes. He is well acquainted with Barbarian combat skills but has learned from challengers in the ring. He may specialize in abandoning armor to be more agile or donning plate to brace for impact, or combining the two for the right situations. He is perceptive in battle and an enigma of Sanctuary, a one man army that makes the world and his body a weapon.


Burroughs is a well rounded magician from Duncraig with Umbraru heritage. He has dark, melinated skin, firey, orange, receeding hair, and a thick, well groomed moustache. He has a fascinatinating and effervescent personality. He likes to sing and laugh.

The Magician is a class that can equip most weapons, most armors, use most Sorceries and Divinations, but not as well as classes that specialize in them. The Magician uses Draconic Magick to enhance his physical prowess, unleashing devastating combination attacks. Ultimately, the Magician may take a Dragon Form, rippling with awesome power so that he may soar over the field of battle and stand toe to toe with impressively powerful enemies. The Magician prefers medium armors, puncturing melee, basic sorceries and fast reloading ranged weapons.


Solen is a faithful convertee from Igvorod with Xiansai ancestry. He has a short, reddish brunette mohawk, with a thin, long moustache and beard. He wears an eyepatch over his left eye.

The Knight is a team player, a diplomat with aninfluential and persuasive personality. Knights may fund their teammates by providing equipment, food, shelter, and potions. The Knight excels at fighting in large numbers but also has a furious array of disarming and puncturing melee skills. While similar to the Slayer in terms of weapon and armor choice, the Knight prefers to outlast and outnumber enemies.



Lorath is a mentor of magick. He knows secrets to help the characters attain what they want while helping others selflessly. He is optimistic and befuddled by mysteries. He is scouring the world for Deckard Cain's literature. He is facing a mid life crisis, energized but also exhausted from years of stress.


Haemor is the current king of Khanduras. He enlists the aid of the heroes. He is strategically taking residence in the lands he claims. His daugther Isra is missing.


Rowan is sympathetic of the heroes. He sees mutually beneficial rewards for the heroes and himself if he can keep the outlawish requests he has secret.


A beautiful Princess from Westmarch. She has been kidnapped.


Winefeild is a fetid, manipulative man slightly younger than Rowan. His feud with Rowan led to Princess Isra's kidnapping. He has close relations with Kejistani operatives.


Lucretia is Winefield's wife. She spends time with king Haemor.


Queen Sarai is King Haemor's wife. She is guilt ridden for the disappearance of her daughter.


Sir Brandon is a handsome, famous Khanduran knight that won the affection of Princess Isra and the ire of Lt. Gov. Winefield. Winefield seduces Brandon and goads him into practicing Coven rituals with a fragment of the Worldstone. Sir Brandon, plagued with anger, plots revenge upon everyone in Sanctuary. He is possessed by Terror.


Elpheema is a blind sorceress that can peer into the future. She is a source of wisdom rarely sought for advice. She has long, snowy hair. She has a sweet, granny kindness in tone but a strict stickler for manners in form of magick. She is enamored with Auriel and thinks she is Athulua, being a refugee from Skovos.


Zevo is Prince of Aranoch, and boggered down by a demon that has stolen his family's palace. He is benevolent but stricken with boredom. Zevo fears that Haemor may be behind the demonic presence.
The Character Selection Screen is a glowing scar of The Lord of Terror. It is in a secret glade high above Sanctuary. A Pyramid is protruding from a lush forest in the background. The middle ground, the glade, is surrounded by large sequoia trunks. The foreground is the cast, the Classes, gathered around this fire. The Knight and his forces, those of whom are behind the perspective of the players viewing the fire, appear when the player highlights over his starting weapon and clicks to select the Class. The Fire is shifting between sacred and demonic geometry, a hexagram, pentagram, a heptagram, the fire is no ordinary fire and it appears as what we call a tesseract. It's foreign to Sanctuary. This viewpoint obfuscates the player's knowledge of Sanctuary history, and the details are unclear from the get go if this is before the Dark Riders departed from Tristram or after Malthael's defeat.


This is designed with the intent to satisfy Hardcore, PC players. They are difficult, unmalleable, yet they align with the simplicity of LEFT CLICK ARPG gameplay that is ICONIC for this series. The implementation is to SLOW the pace of the game for TACTICAL decisionmaking, very different from the REACTIVE style of maneuvering for Health Orbs (obsolete), Nephehilim Glory, and other such Random buffs.

Keybindings are universal for classes. Class identity comes from players' interactions in the world. How does the Sage pray at a shrine compared to a Magician? Are some NPCs weary of following a Witch with a dagger but gleeful to follow a Brawler? Does a vendor rip off a Slayer but give a good deal to an intimidating Knight? Does a Cutthroat wearing heavy armor sneak around more efficiently than one without any armor equipped?

Spells and attacks tend to be more potent with particular classes and less potent with others, and some classes revolve around numbers, prime numbers, even numbers, odd numbers, timing, and more. There are Seven schools of Magick: Rock (Earthen or Natural), Metal, Fire, Water, Air, Sun and Moon. These are familiar to most CRPG gamers, but brutal and reflective of the M rated Diablo series.

The Language is for Mature Audiences; there is swearing, nudity, drug use, and violence, and there's nothing you can do about it. For musically attuned, Metal is a branch of Rock, but Rock is not always Metal, distinctions. Some metal does not rock, either.

One last note: there is only Hardcore mode. When you die, you are sent to the Burning Hells or High Heavens, and getting back to your body is up to other players' or your actions in those realms. You are naked when entering the Heavens and you take your worldly possessions to the Hells, but the odds are hardly in a player's favor, and it's more worthwhile to create a new character than to be stuck in permanent torment. There are no Acts, no Journals. Players at their discretion may decide to use items in the game to invoke a storytelling spirit. To emphasize the randomization of each playthrough, every experience playing is a story to treasure, and the game is not simply over when you defeat the most difficult boss in the game.

Esc: Menu
F1: Toggle Status
F2: Toggle Log
F3: Toggle Health Bars
F4: Toggle Inventory
F5: Toggle Buffs
F6: Toggle Item Tooltips
F7: Toggle UI
F8: Close all Windows
F9: People Tab
F10: Leaderboards
PrtSc: Screenshot

`: Switch Weapons
Alt+`: Sheath Weapon
Shift+1: Shout!
Shift+2: Ping Map
Shift+3: Drop Gold
Shift+4: /dance
Shift+5: Mark Character
Shift+6: "Wow!"
Shift+7: Tap feet.
Shift+8: Incoming!
Shift+9: "Group Up!"
0: "Nothing"/Clear
Shift+0: Cancel!
-: Insult
Shift+-: Inspect
=: Thank
Shift+=: Praise
Backspace: Portal

Tab: Leap
Q: Crouch/Sneak Toggle
W: "Wait!"
Shift+W: I said Wait!
E: Rock Magick
R: Ram
Shift+R: Reflect
T: Protect
Shift+T: Deflect
Y: "Yes."
U: Up
I: Sun Magick
O: Okay
P: Polite
Shift+[: Look!
Shift+]: Forget it.
\:Wound Self
Shift+\: Defend this point!

Caps Lock: Change Posture
A: Water Magick
S: Sit/Stand
D: Duck/Dodge/Roll
F: Toggle Run/Walk
G: Fire Magick
H: Help
Shift+H: Heal me!
Ctrl+H: Hold Positions!
J: Metal Magick
L: Love
Shift+;: @#$%
': /flex
Shift+': "Listen!"
Enter: Open Chat

Shift: Stand Still
Z: Rest
X: Air Magick
C: Charge
V: Follow Me
B: Bash
N: "No"
M: Moon Magick
,: Interrupt Self
Shift+,: More!
.: Silence
Shift+.: Fewer!
/: Command Prompt
Shift+/: "What?"

Ctrl: Control Followers
Alt: Alchemy Quick Bar
Space Bar: Toggle Map

Up: North!

PgUp: Chat Log Up
PgDn:Chat Log Down
Home: Sanctuary World Map
End: Bottom Chat Log

Left Click: Interact/Move/Attack
Right Click: Inspect/Vengeful Attack
Scroll Up: Select Next Scroll
Scroll Down: Select Previous Scroll
Middle Click: Use Scroll


Toggle FPS
Volume +
Volume -
Toggle Music
Toggle Sound

Example Spells

Utilization of such abilities is done via Scrolls and your Mouse's Scroll wheel. You may equip up to 12 scrolls and you may use multi-button mice to select a Scroll instantaneously. Scrolls aren't always spells. You can paint on a scroll, you may spell on a scroll, or you may throw a scroll, wound yourself over one, many things.

Fire Spells
Enchanted Weapon

Air Spells

Water Spells

Rock Spells

Metal Spells
Enchanted Armor

Sun Spells

Moon Spells

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