magic find is an epic fail

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yes more MF = more legendaries (roughly 4x more than 0 mf). but RNG is random,. meaning there will be hot streaks and cold streaks.
lol they just took monster power lvl out .. haha this game keeps getting worse and worse .. i used to have 504% mf in mp8 .. now i only got like 300 mf in mp0 ... monsters just die by looking at me .. rares with only 2-3 afflixs or w/e its called .. dude they need to have recall on diablo 3 .. seriously
Magic find is working fine. I'm at paragon level 80 with 400% on MP1. I do go a few runs without legendaries but at this level, when legendaries drop, I get like 2-3 per game. Just yesterday, I got 3 set items (first two dropped same game, next game dropped another one). Here was what I got for the day:

Immortal King's Boulder Breaker
Bul Katho's Warrior Blood
Zunimassa's Marrow
Strongarm Bracers
MF just gives you more salvaging opportunities!
Is this kid still crying.... dang.... just grow up and move on. Your drops suck atm. Deal with it. Everyone has dry spells. It's not like we are all getting 2bil+ drops all day everyday, and you're getting the shaft.

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