Lack Of Effort Was The Downfall of D3

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The bottom line is that lack of effort was the downfall of D3. If more effort was put into things like complexity, storyline, time management, skill trees, pvp, ect.., D3 would have been a great game.

Instead of creating a complete game the developers focused on only a few parts of the game while neglecting so much that could have been accomplished with such a great and historical game.

The epic saga created out of D1 and D2 is downright legendary. This franchise was always way ahead of anything ever created in gaming history. D3 is so small in comparison to its predecessors that it is downright outrageous.

So many players are disappointing. We were all expecting to get the same feeling we had when D2 was popular. What a shame. What a damn shame.

This has to be gaming history's biggest disappointment.

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