Stuck on login screen, but does authenticate.

Technical Support
When I try to login, it identifies the correct username and password, even authenticates, but then doesn't load the characters. It sits on the login screen for about 5 minutes, apparently times out, and disconnects me from the battlenet server.

I have 2 Diablo accounts, and 3 different computers-
Trying to login to both accounts on all of my computers prove impossible.
I did active secondary automatic login, that I found on another blue post, but
I could not find anything related to this problem.

Thanks in advance for any information you can provide :)
Still having problems getting in, I did get in for awhile about 15 minutes or so, then massively lagged and was forced to alt + f4.

When I tried to log in again, it got stuck at retrieving character list,
Then this time around, it timed out and I got error 3006.
I thought that was a RMAH error?

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