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I don't know a whole lot and was curious, are rare items rare just because there found rarely or is it also cause theres actually a set number of those items throughout the community. I guess what I'm asking is are items constantly generated new(wouldn't that make the auction house value go down the more people play.) or only if salvaged, pop up in another game?

Hope this makes sense, I am terrible at explaining things..
Rare items are called rare because that's what they've always been called. There is nothing rare about them. They are actually pretty common. In fact in the end game you find more rares than magic or white items. There is no limit to how many there are. They are just randomly generated every time one drops.

Yes the value of gear goes down. It is a lot easier to get good gear now than it was in the beginning of the game.

Top end gear prices do rise with gold inflation though. However the definition of top end gear slowly slides higher as more gear is found. This is why most gear that drops is not worth anything nowadays. Whats considered good gear is constantly shifting higher and higher.
Thank you for your thorough reply, much appreciated. Are the expansion rumours true?

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