Sold my 1B EF for 34M..

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Yep I fail
Just want to no if blizz roll back from stupidity

40%wep dmg
.25 atp
socket with gem 100%CD
10.4 feer


Just opened a slab of coronas witch i intend on finishing by tonight
Hope Blizzard drops you a better EF tomorrow with dex.
I really feel for you Stratia. I hope the beer helps soften the pain you're going through :(
sorry to hear strat >.<
Ouch, do you mind telling us how this happened exactly? did you select the wrong EF, enter wrong amount or what?
I was selling my old EF @ 44m witch had 2hrs to go so i cancelled then flicked back to my stash and clicked my new and set price for 41m buyout thinking it was my old 1, but i hadn't even sent my old 1 back from the ah after cenceling.

after i started the auction i kept on window shopping until i saw the lil msg at the bottom of my screen

Enchoing Fury sold!

I have a very kind friend who has lent me gold for a new ef witch ill be in debt for a long while but hopefully not to long

sigh...such is life
Rotten !@#$ing luck Strat :(
02/24/2013 02:14 AMPosted by Stratia
Enchoing Fury sold!

Beats my brim stoned braces, thinking I was brim stoning my crafted braces.
I brimstoned a 1350, 5.6LS, 180 CHD skorn once.

Also brimstoned a 308 Dex, 100 vit, Life %, 10CC, 50 Lightning res shield. (Not so expensive but HARD to find).

I also sold 400m worth of brimstones for 40 - no IDEA how I managed this, but I did.

I feel your pain.
guns dont kill people
02/25/2013 01:16 AMPosted by KAMBO
guns dont kill people

What's your point?
02/25/2013 05:22 PMPosted by abend
guns dont kill people

What's your point?

losing saves does looool

and now i think we can add gear to that.

i hope you get good drops now mate, so you can get a little positive karma back from such a generous sale even if it was an oversight.

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