What to upgrade with 40mil?

<-- Noob wanting to upgrade... have 40mil.
look at my shoulder/bracer, save the money for crafting.
You're running a WW/Sprint build with a Skorn. That's a nice Skorn, but its not advisable to do that. I think you should read some of the stickies in this forum about DW and the WW/Sprint build. Its all about Tornadoes with that build and weapon speed/breakpoints.
Yea i was originally doing a hota/rend build

So should i be spending gold on new weapons?

Really dont know what to upgrade.. seems like it costs 2mil to raise like 50 stats..

So far was thinking...

1. Get a hellfire ring to replace my rare

2. Craft amulets and cross fingers

3. Craft shoulders and craft fingers.

4. Find a better legging.

5. Slowly replace other items with same items but better stats
SoJ with cold damage. Doesn't even have to be barb. Seriously the best item change I've made ever. Makes fury generation a lot better by holding those mobs in the nados longer.
and the ice explosions are pretty.
If you want to do WW barb, you really should stack some IAS. Having said that, dont stack without knowing breakpoint and what is effective. Check the thread by Phat. Really suitable for your budget I guess.


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