Past 3 weeks, Latency has been stable for me

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Since I whinge like a baby when I have latency issues, I thought I should also post when it is good.

Well, for the past few weeks I have noticed (before and after patch 1.0.7):

* When I first get into a game, I'm instantly on between 200 - 250ms latency; as opposed to being in the red for 1-2 minutes and then working up to green latency.
* Latency is about 95% stable, with rare spikes into the orange where I'll notice lag.
* I haven't really noticed rubber banding lately either...

Don't get me wrong, 50ms latency is a lot different to 250ms... but under 300 and stable is playable, so thumbs up to Telstra and Blizzard.

My mate is on internode, and after whinging that his lag was high, found his modem was set to modulation ADSL2+. Changing this back to ADSL2 saw his stable latency return in game.

Hope that helps someone experiencing bad latency.

Nice DJVege,
Great feed back I hope this wrks for me. I willtry and post back to some feed back as well.
if you live in AUS or NZ you're better off playing on the Asia server. the Asia server is a lot closer than the American one, so your ping will never spike to yellow or red so long you're not capped.

the ping on the Asia server is at 190 and the highest is 230. so you can see already its a lot better, because 230 ping is roughly the best you can get on the American server. most importantly though, it doesn't spike or rubberband. its always on solid green.

at the cost of making a new character, i would invest on the Asia server, because you're always on green. go to account and switch to Asia and you will be asked to make a new character, but it won't delete the one you're using now. you will see straight away your ping will be under 200 and it will never spike to yellow or red.
Hey Phillip, I'll test the Asia servers sometime and see what the pings are like. I just don't think I could be bothered starting from scratch again. :)

My main problem with D3 is that once I have gone through the storyline once, I don't care about it. I don't want to go through it again and again. I just want to farm stuff, do certain sections... get to lvl 60 quickly etc... For me, going from lvl 1-60 multiple times is painfully boring.

I'm loving doing KW runs, achievement runs, gold runs, MP runs at lvl 60 though.
Asia or US actually depends on where you are in ANZ and what ISP you are with.

While the physical distance may be closer the routing of many ISPs in ANZ it is a lot quicker to the US.

You can test this for yourself ingame or try doing a trace route to see how your connection is routed across the world.

Good to hear some people are finding things better sometimes at least.
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Just getting back to you regarding the Asia servers. Yep, definitely a 50ms better regarding latency for me. Looked stable at 200ms for me, compared to 250ms on the US servers.

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