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Witch Doctor
Hi WD community!

I dont have a WD and have no idea if acid cloud is a popular skill or not. I found an Acid cloud SOJ today and am trying to figure out a price to put if up on the AH for.

Can anyone lend me a hand and let me know if Acid Cloud is popular and if this soj is worth anything?

5% Holy Damage
117 Mana
24% damange to elites
7% Acid cloud Crit chance

Thank you for the help!
Couple of mil, tops. 24% to Elites is very low. AR roll is good, but not enough to save it.
AC is great. will fetch a nice price compared to ZW or CS. it is a staple in many WD build.
Although AC roll is good, most WD use the Zuni ring, so there is only 1 slot left. This SOJ needs to compete with all the other rings available in the game. Not likely to be selected by players.
Thank you for the WD insight! searching for soj's on the AH is so tough to find comparable items... I have a good idea now.
02/25/2013 09:26 AMPosted by Catalini
searching for soj's on the AH is so tough to find comparable items

All you have to do is search for all legendary armor types, not only rings or specific legendary (soj)
Choose stat: "bonus vs elite" put value "20" - in result you will get only sojs. Then you can even choose bonus to specific skill you want.(WD AC for example)

ps: Shame on blizz that we still have to use tricks like this...

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