Diablo II Was Much More Interesting Because...

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Diablo II Was Much More Interesting Because...

Because you were 10 years younger. Everything was better back then. :)
02/26/2013 03:41 PMPosted by Selren
1 billion million threads complaining about how they don't like diablo 3, well don't play it, 10 months after release even

Oh yes because 1 million peeps definitely must be a lot of raging nerds who have no idea on how to appreciate a very good game?.

The fans are mad because the game LACKS and we waited soooooooo long to have a good predecessor of diablo 2... just to get pur hopes crushed.

WE WANT a very good diablo and most of the fans will not stop !@#$%ing until the game gets on the right path.

We are definitely in our right to ^-*!@ after all the atrocities they made to the franchise with diablo 3.

And i dont wanns ay this game sucks... because it doesnt. and in fact it has a lot of cool options and idea that diablo 2 lacked... BUT THE CORE, THE SOUL of the game is somewhere else.
02/26/2013 04:09 PMPosted by mxlive
Because you were 10 years younger. Everything was better back then. :)

Considering the fact that plenty of people still play Diablo 2... yeah, that must be the reason.
02/26/2013 02:28 PMPosted by Zyron
I liked having friends that actually logged in to Diablo.

I enjoyed this too.
02/26/2013 04:09 PMPosted by mxlive
Diablo II Was Much More Interesting Because...

Because you were 10 years younger. Everything was better back then. :)

Woman, sports, and many other activities were just as fun 10 years ago as they are now. I don't see your point. Unless you were extremely young, odds are, your opinion isn't that skewed. Hell, I still enjoy playing Diablo 1 even tho I played that when I was 9.
You have just proven that their idea of limiting skill choices to six was a good idea. Now you have to think about what skills to use in battle. Also you really have to make some hard choices in passives as well.
I actually did

20 to skeleton
20 to mastery
1 mage
1 summon resist
1 golem mast
1 clay golem (clay golem had more life and slow compared to iron golem)
1 CE
1 bone armor
20 into bonespirit
1 revive
1 amp damage
1 decrepify
Str/Dex - enough for gear
vita - everything else
eneg - none

add remainder into whatever I felt like. A trang ouls necro would add to lower resist, add more to mages, and go with maxed out poison nova. A level 33 dueling necro with tele staff would use an iron golem due to obviously being able to make it out of a bad !@# weapon to go with might merc and amp damage.
the art direction. i'm surprised more people that bring this up more often. (or is it because everyone is running darkd3? i can't cuz i'm on a mac =\ )

I mean, art design is subjective i guess, but seriously, who's idea was it to put the blur filter on? Most annoying thing ever. I can't stand it. Make an in game option to sharpen the darn game!
02/26/2013 03:27 PMPosted by Flammy
Better endgame

LOL? Farming the same bosses over and over again is better than having 4 full acts to farm with 10 different levels of difficulty?

You, sir, are plain stupid.

My D2 end game consisted of farming gear for new builds, making FREEEE!!! games to kill bosses and give loot to new players, helping other players do cows/diablo runs.

In D3 I can't make games to give gear away I have to sell it on the ah. Even if I list it for 1 gold it's nothing compared to the social experience of actually trading players gear.

So yea D2 end game far greater than D3.
I was actually having this discussion with my brother the other day. The Summoning Necro is pretty much the ONLY build that would use so many skills. The other classes and builds would only use 2-4 active skills with some passives in there.

I still have D2 installed and I still play it, you can too. You dont have to ONLY play D3. I did the same when D2 came out with D1. I would still load it up from time to time because it was a DIFFERENT game. I always see people bring up how different D3 is from D2 and how blasphemous that is, but D2 was just as different from D1. I personally dont want to play the same game with better graphics. I like that we get a new way of doing things, but I can still do the old way by just playing Diablo 2.
02/26/2013 03:32 PMPosted by IndigoNights
You could Mod Diablo 2 and play Diablo himself.

Albeit that's against the law considering you are modifying copyrighted material. Then again, you can do that in Diablo 3 too ... it's just the same. Just gotta do more coding than D2.
Good reasons all around, I just hope they can pull from some of the better aspects of D2 when they build their expansion.

Runewords crafting comes to mind, among many other things :)
02/26/2013 03:23 PMPosted by Flammy
About 13 skills being used, that's a fat pile of bullcrap,

my light/cold mf sorc used

-frozen armour
-frozen orb
-chain lightning

-cold mastery
-light mastery

after 1.10
-battle command
-battle orders

and thats 13 im probably missing some as well

LOL? Farming the same bosses over and over again is better than having 4 full acts to farm with 10 different levels of difficulty?You, sir, are plain stupid.

uhh D2 had 5 acts and 8 different levels of difficulty and dont try to pretend people farm full acts in D3 because thats a pile of bull.... also in D3 only act3 is farmed unlike D2 where all acts except act2 were farmed.

this guy must have not played D2 or is really stupid

02/28/2013 03:01 PMPosted by VitaminEZ
In xpac is was endless baal runs.

Because thats how you wanted to play it, for some people there was lots to do there are multiple farming spots in every act that most players farmed (except maybe act2), if it wasnt for cows I would have never found a windforce.
02/26/2013 03:36 PMPosted by Wolverine
I will not argue with somebody who apparently did not play DIablo 2, or Diablo 3 for that matter, and resorts to personal insults to get their point across. Grow up.

No, he did play D2. In classic it was endless hell cs runs. In xpac is was endless baal runs.

Dont forget competing with someone using PickIt for all the loot :D
so true OP there werent enough hotkeys for all my skills as a necro, summon necro was my favorite

these idiots talking about D2 saying "right click left click lolo" have no idea wtf they're talking about
I miss items actually being designed, as opposed to D3's excessive RNG-driven items. Having properly designed items with personality and purpose was one of the main incentives that kept me playing D2 for a long time.

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