Just built my first CM wiz, what do you think

Hey folks, so this is my first attempt at a CM wiz, you can see him on my profile I just want to see what people think really, he was cheap to build (was around 20 mill) so don't expect anything godly lol. I know some obvious upgrades (gems and maybe a weapon with same dps but a socket too) but other than that is there anything obvious I'v missed? Thanks in advanced

P.s. I know I need another 9 or 10 apoc
you got it all wrong

2.73 aps
50 cc

your irrelevant items like zuni 3 sets are not normally recommend for the build.

A worse affix count be had for the chant's will but take it with some humor =)
What Comrade said. Need more attack speed and crit chance. Chance to knockback on wand is probably the worst affix you can have on it. LOH, chance to stun, anything could've been better. :-)
Nice DPS for 20 mil, though.
I was pretty much making sure I had some survivability before hitting the aps break points and the 50 cc, if I had hit those first id have been left with very little to spend on reaching the AR, life etc i needed, he'd have ended up a complete glass cannon lol but thanks for the advice :) I will move to new gear once there abit more gold in the bank, for now atleast he can go through act 1 inferno mp5 with ease so hes not totally useless lol

edit. The wand was bloody cheap thats why it sucks lol
I'm not a pure CM/WW wizard, as I am Archon, Raining Meteor, and CM/WW with my various gears for each build respectively. I would suggest changing either Blur or Evocation to Cold Blooded, as that will increase your effective DPS, which this build is all about (rather than sheet DPS). Since you keep the mobs perma-freezed, Cold Blooded increases the damage by another 20%.

Also, you can try SA-rune of choice instead of EA, unless you need that buff. I can do MP10 - farming loot/keys, and Ubers - with my current gear and almost keep mobs perma-freezed, at only 1.86 APS, 49.5CC, 10 APoC, 0 LoH (I use MW/BM & life regen atm until I get a better option on a piece of gear.). I don't know why, but I can get away with only 10 APoC and 1.86APS, in part due to my CC%, but I think something is proccing at a higher rate, like WW, than it was previously.

Finally, you have good health, so if you're dying you may want to consider Unstable Anomaly to keep you in it when you receive fatal damage. So passives are maybe CM, CB, and UA/Evocation/Blur.

If these changes make survivability an issue, then go back to where you are comfortable in terms of specs and MP.

Looks like you're on the right path. Others can add more...

Good luck.
Looks like you're on the right path. Others can add more...

Wrong path. be honest =)
02/27/2013 04:03 AMPosted by Comrade
Looks like you're on the right path. Others can add more...

Wrong path. be honest =)

Fair enough. I'm not an expert by any means. I just threw my CM/WW spec together yesterday to farm Ubers/MP10 with my gear as you see it in my profile. I can nearly keep the enemy perma-freezed with what I have, and I have crap gear for CM/WW in terms of APS, LoH, and possibly APoC. I think that there's a difference between the start and the finish when it comes to gearing. He's at the start.
Once I get the chance to play abit more i will get the cc and aps dont worry comrade im on it :) survivability is fine no issues there so its all i need to worry about, couple of days and with any luck i will be there

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