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Anyone out there with any noob tips on how to move auctions quicker? How low should I go? Item exp. players help us out.

search for the item on AH similar to urs but with 10% less stats, then beat its price by 15%
The AH is hard unless you have a great deal of capital to start out with. Remeber, you have 45 pages with 20 items the same as yours. It is easy if you have capital because you can invest in items, but just finding items in game or selling your old ones, while you can get lucky, it is quite hard to sell. I would assume even more so now that the new patch came out, no one is buying items, they are crafting them now.

Here's the logic (for me anyways). Let's say I want some new shoulders I can go spend 45 mil on some decent Vile Wards or I can spend the 45 mil and craft some that will be way better then the VW I want to buy on the AH. Shoulders cost 50k to craft, with the 45 mil I will spend on the VW I can make 900 pairs of shoulders...Now again the down side of this is it a gamble, because of the RNG, but with 900 pairs I think you have a good chance of getting some good ones. Even if you say "Well I was just going to put them on the AH for 10 mil not 45 mil." Even with that said, you can still craft 200 pairs of shoulders for that.

While this is just an example, I think this is the mind set of many people, I don't think too many people will depend on the AH any more. If you look at my DH in my profile, My bracers were a first crafting item, I got those my first try. Also my shoulders were a 4-5 try item, they gave me 1k+ vit and 4k+ DPS over my old VW.

I hope this helps, not saying that what ever you're selling isn't going to sell, and I'm not saying don't play the AH. I'm just giving you the reallity of the AH as of now. But I do wish you good luck and if you do end up selling your item please let us know your method, I have some things I've been trying to sell for weeks.
Amulets are the hardest to sell atm. Im trying to sell an average ammy with 50ish CD, 5 CC, 400 LOH, decent dex and fire res. Didnt even sell for 1mil. Had to relist at 500k.

The game is flooded with items atm and it is only going to get worse
My bit for the tip pool:
unless you have GOOD knowledge of cheap items (>1m gold), and how to price them - stay away from trying to sell them. focus only on items worth millions (if you have the capital or if you're lucky and found one).

Another great option is selling leveling items, these ones go fast!
You can get an idea from my video

I would like to add to TS's reply that people are buying items, not as much as they did before, but the AH is alive.
You can only craft so much and RNG is sometimes nice, but usually pretty bad. I tried to make myself decent shoulders, spent 50 rolls in one go and 130 in another, didn't get squat! on the other hand I crafted a trifecta ammy in just 13 rolls, so I'm an example of the opposite to TSs point, I will go to find shoulders on AH. What I'm saying is that people will continue buying even the items that have self craftable options. I'm selling a lot of items, you just have to know how to price them right, know the time that you should create an open bid etc. plenty of parameters to consider. in other words, practice.

For me, the AH is as fun to play as the game with my characters, I see it as two games in one. Play the AH if you find it fun, I do! (and it also gives me the freedom to buy almost anything I want to gear up for higher MPs, test out new builds etc)
Let me give you an example of what I am saying.

Before patch 1.0.7 was even announced VW (Vile Wards) were the most worn shoulder in the game, so they would retain value much more on the AH than any other shoulder on the AH, they would sell fast because people wanted them. They were a great piece of equipment, as soon as 1.0.7 came to PTR and people saw the potential of crafting, they finally got what they wanted. They could afford to get good gear. While I think this is a great Idea, after the PTR came out the AH became a desolate wasteland compared to what it was before. Now that it is live the AH Items that were great have now become mediocre at best (at least the ones you are able to crat now). I have a pair of VW with stats any Barb would love, such as, 270+ Strg/90+ vit/ 40+fire res/and 78 AR, plus the stock life regen. Now before 1.0.7, these would have easily gone for 50+ mil, but now I have been trying to sell them for weeks for less than 40 mil with no luck. Why? Because we can now get better item faster and less expensive. While the AH is still alive, it is surviving on life support.
I was like you and loved to play the AH just as much as the game but I have found a new love in my life, its name starts with a C and ends in RAFTING. I have said good bye to the AH, and while it still has a place in my cold and blackened DH heart, I feel a new warmth of love protruding out towards the black smith every time I enter the game. I just want to make new gloves, bracers, or shoulders, and while I do this a sense of victory comes across me like….like when I use to sell things on the AH. Yeah it’s the same feeling, as that, the one I have longed for, for so long….it is finally back. So I stick to crafting now and have left my AH days behind me, and while the AH’s love still pulls at my heart strings, as long as I can craft, I pay it no mind. So long AH…So long.
TS, that was touching!

BUT, and that's a big but for a reason, how many slots can you craft items for, items that are a good substitute for legs/sets/plain greatness? gloves, shoulders, amulets.
bracers, only if you roll a really good one, lacunis are still a better option most of the time.
chest? please, you lose the set item bonus from crafted item. sometimes possible, most cases not.
That's less than 50% of all item slots.
you still have: boots, pants, belt, helm, rings, weapons.

As I've said, yes AH is a bit slower now. yes I've sold shoulders with 250 str, 150 vit, 70 all res for 50 mil instead of 150. but that's still pretty good, no?

TS, don't give up on the AH, it's still there, you just have to adapt to change :)

I thought you'd like that. And yes, you're right, it is still there and most items are still selling.
tip1, use other trading forums not ah, and sell to low ballers, quick cash
tip2, play hardcore, it has a very good and stable economy there
Yeah wish I sold all my junk before the patch, pretty worthless now haha. I got so sick of nothing selling and going no where in the game despite my efforts, also got really bored of it. But here I am a few months later, back again. :P ;/
02/28/2013 08:03 AMPosted by Serkix
But here I am a few months later, back again. :

They always come back....Don't know why you leave, you just fall behind. "Stay a while and listen...."

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