I am loving zero dog build!

Witch Doctor
Just wanted to share this with everybody lol
I really want to try it but not for 400mil. :(
I see your using the red gem. Is this set up giving more dps then a green gem for you? I am having trouble breaking into the 100k dps and was wondering if this might be a boost. Right now I'm at about 80k dps but can squeeze out another 8-10k with some different gear but loose some survivability in the switch. Love the build myself and just hoping for some advise from someone else enjoying the build.

spizy what MP do you run?
8 is slow, 7 better. 5 is pretty quick. switched gems for more survivability. I usually run on 7 because i can still move pretty fast through mobs and I still get the extra exp/mag find. Anything under mp4 I feel like my bear build is faster. Of course I can do MP10 with a CM wiz just like everyone else...

After switching out a few skills i move thru mp8 faster then my barb does.

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