Need Help Gearing Barb, Have about 100 m

Title says it all. i'm not sure what to get, i know i need 24 movement speed but i don't know what to replace.

Thanks in advance.
Bro, just add me I can help like I've helped most barbs gear
Cool i'll add you when i get home.
This is easy choice.

1) You would need to replace your rings. If you look at my profile you can get nice trifact ring for 30 mill easy. And that will boost your dps.

2) My profile you see is for farming barb but my non farming barb is at 180k dps un buffed. To get there you are almost there.
a) Get Tylers might with 3 sockets (30 mil)
b) Get Witching hour (30 mil)
c) Get strong arm with all resist (30 mil) IF you are losing resists

These are the first that came to my mind when I saw your profile. Good luck
Cool thanks a lot for the help.

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