Now I am just confused :|

Heya, I was just curious what I could do for an upgrade now. I dont want to spend a ton of gold on upgrades. I have been crafting what I can when I get the materials for upgrades.

I just made a D3up.

My limit is about 50mil Thank for any help given I am still pretty bad at finding upgrades . ;]
Next step is easy for you. Look at getting a cold SoJ. You have enough crit to support it and your tDPS will go up against elites.

Be prepared to see a drop in your sheet dps...but we all know sheet dps is useless.

You will have to decide which ring to replace.

with d3rawr or d3up..which ever.
Why does it have to be specifically cold?
Cold is best because it slows the bad guys so they sit in the nados longer increasing your tdps, I don't think any online tool can calc that one but it works great!. Also way easy to run down a Gob when they are cold slowed..bonus!

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