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@first post: dumb idea.

I logged in just to do that.
i totally agree with OP

its not fair, and all of the commenters ive seen here are barbs, hahaha they just afraid of having an actual balanced skill

LOL! so you radder other class commenting on what skill should be nerf on a monk? if i never played monk or invest a bunch of gold on it, am i qualified to say nerf the sweeping wind and cyclone the sudden burst of dps is OP and it needs spirit cost every hit you make?
its just a troll making another trolling post..
So have tested this build, showed it to a friend and hes going to grab all the pieces tonight.
He said hes going to do a stream of it too.
Concept is infinite wrath with 99% crit chance on hoa in top notch gear. As once this is obtained you can stand is town and cast hoa and keep wrath up en-defiantly. I will put up a link to the stream when its going.

Still waiting OP......
Wonder how Barbs would cry if they had the resource a witchdoctor has...

"Need Mana"
"Out of Mana"
"Need more Mana"
To OP:
You are talking about nerfing a barb build while insisting your point of view based on a unlimited gear budget assumpion. However, barbs are actually considered more powerful than the rest of the pack on various limited budget points. In an unlimited budget scenerio, I believe 0 dogs witch doctors, and CMWW SNS wizards to be superior than a HOTA barb, since it has damage only, with no utility. I can say that WW barbs are still overall a more balanced build on a unlimited budget, while HOTA trades survival and escape for more burst damage.
All I can say is if you actually had a barb and were talking from your own play experience, your post might seem somewhat valid. I just don't like the idea of someone who doesn't play my class telling me how it should be changed. But hey, maybe I'm just odd or in the dark.
Wonder how Barbs would cry if they had the resource a witchdoctor has...

"Need Mana"
"Out of Mana"
"Need more Mana"

Well, my barb says quite often "not enough fury" when I try to rend. Believe it or not. (Barbs start off the game without resources, btw., and Berserker needs half the full fury bar.) The difference is, that I use my fury generating ability so that I can use the other ability that cost fury.

Most WDs tend to use mana-eating skills, and hardly skills for returning mana, although there are plenty of such skills to chose from. They prefer to use one passive for increased mana (regen) and max mana/mana regen gear instead, which sometimes just isn't enough, particularly for the bear lovers.

My WD, for instance, has such a setup with skills and gear that she never runs out of mana. So, it is possible...

There are many options for all classes to generate resources. The easiest, in my opinion, might be Wiz (with enough crit chance and Arcane on crit), more difficult monk, but only if you want to spam the skills with most damage (same as WD), and most difficult probably DH (that is mainly for discipline).
OP will surely deliver on promised videos.

Also, if you give me 2-3 billion gold, I will show you why Barb tanks are OP as hell with 14 mil effective life.

Or perhaps how an Archon Wiz can achieve 1mil+ dps. Hell, if you want me to post a vid on youtube, I can show you why lvl 50 Final Fantasy 1 characters can absolutely decimate Chaos without a chance of dieing.
03/03/2013 05:36 AMPosted by RagingKoala
Still waiting OP......

Don't hold your breath.
03/01/2013 12:47 PMPosted by Risen
like this game need more nerfs right ?



Fixed that for ya bro
@ Kiro

Your statement about WW being second rate is just simply not is video proof with a gear set I used on the PTR compared with Det0x's gear (a highly geared HoTA barb):

This is the vid I will be referencing for WW:

Act 2:

And here is the breakdown: All times are +/- 1 second

Champion Locust pack
Start: 3:23
Kill: 3:41
Total: 18 seconds

Elite Dual Weilder pack
Start: 3:52
Kill: 4:03
Total: 11 seconds

Elite spellcaster pack
Start: 4:19
Kill: 4:44
Total: 25 seconds

Champ skeleton bowman pack
Start: 4:55
Kill: 5:11
Total: 16 seconds

Elite spellcaster pack
Start: 5:16
Kill: 5:45
Total: 29 seconds

Elite skeleton bowman pack
Start: 6:09
Kill: 6:32
Total: 23 seconds

Champ snake pack
Start: 6:48
Kill: 6:57
Total: 9 seconds

Champ spinners pack
Start: 7:32
Kill: 7:54
Total: 22 seconds

Champ spellcaster pack
Start: 8:10
Kill: 8:24
Total: 14 seconds

Champ spellcaster pack
Start: 8:40
Kill: 8:55
Total: 15 seconds

This gives me an average of 18.2 seconds per pack.

And now Det0x's vid:

Here is my run: Diablo 3: Farming elite packs in mp10 @

These are the times from my first 11 elite/champion packs in the run.

1 valor:
Elite pack
Start @ 00.27 --> done @ 00.43
= 16 sec

2 valor:
Elite pack
Start @ 00.51 --> done @ 01.05
= 14 sec

3 valor:
Champion pack
Start @ 01.20 --> done @ 1.34
= 14 sec

4 valor:
Elite pack
Start @ 02.06 --> done @ 2.34
= 28 sec

5 valor:
Champion pack
Start @ 02.39 --> done @ 02.57
= 18 sec

6 valor:
Champion pack
Start @ 03.35 --> done @ 03.48
= 13 sec

7 valor:
Elite pack
Start @ 5.19 --> done @ 05.48
= 29 sec

8 valor:
Elite pack
Start @ 06.00 --> done @ 06.23
= 23 sec

9 valor:
Elite pack
Start @ 06.48 --> done @ 07.11
= 23 sec

10 valor:
Champion pack
Start @ 07.33 --> done @ 07.51
= 18 sec

11 valor:
Champion pack
Start @ 8.11 --> done @ 08.24
= 13 sec

I choose to remove the time from "valor 4", as they they run away and hide under the earth. (video show what i mean)

16+14+14+18+13+29+23+23+18+13 = 181 sec --> 18.1sec average killtime on mp10 :)

As you can see, with the built in margin of error of +/- 1 second....we are in a dead heat (with the WW barb being slightly faster farmer because of the mobility, but kill times being equal).

I, personally can't see a problem with there being 2 seperate, but viable builds for a fact I would encourage Blizzard to keep the current 2 viable builds and incorporate even more just for a different flavor.
Really OP? Really?
I mean, I am tired of threads saying barb is OP. Barb is only better than other classes to farm when you are undergeared: for low MPs with WW build or for high MP with HoTA builds. But that's all. As long as you have a good geared wizard or monk you can easily outfarm a barb.

The only think that you could change is their movement speed. Their very high ms makes them the fastest low MP farmer followed by tempest rush monks. But as long as you farm at high MP like 10 for example, well geared wiz and even monks can outperform barbs.

So no, barbs are not OP. But I would agree DH and WD can't compete with barbs. But they can't compete with Wiz and Monks either. So yes, buffing DH and WD would be fine when talking about farming. But remember that DH and WD are very good at pvp so I am not sure how to buff them...
To bring the ability in line with the rest of the game I propose these changes to the skill.
Increase fury cost by 10
reduce base damage to 206%
reduce smash to make 306% in total

Seismic Slam Secondary
Cost: 30 FurySlam the ground and cause a wave of destruction that deals 240% weapon damage and Knockback to targets in a 45 yard arc.

Cracking Rift
Focus the seismic shockwaves along a narrow path to inflict 340% weapon damage to targets along a 42 yard path.

Yeah, I'm not sure OP knows much about barbs.
Op is the typical Dh player:
Goes to pvp in class cannon gear(smoke screen ftw)....1 shots people and then calls them noobs.
Meets a monster barb whis 9k+armor/100k+hp/4k+hp regen....he can`t hurt him, runs out of hatred/discipline....gets 1-2 shoted whis hota=>cryes on forums and asks for a nerf.
Hey dude my haunt is op in pvp too(at least sometimes)!!!! Plz make a topic and cry about that also.


I am waiting for the day they nerf smoke scren. Man i will laugh so hard when the horde of overinflated DH`s will come crying on the forums. I am already making a good popcorn suply for that day.
IT's pretty obvious he doesn't have a lot of knowledge about the class he is making commentary on....
What a brilliant idea! Let's nerf those least-frequently used skills so each class only have to choose from 7 to 8 skills. This makes balancing the game much easier and saves time for players.

I played barbarian since release and have never used HOTA for more than a minute. And 4 of my current skills are used since pre-1.03. So nerf HOTA please and as compensation please buff bash and frenzy.

OP you are genius!
03/01/2013 11:53 AMPosted by Kiro
you do know that crits are not guaranteed to return fury right? anyway lame post =P

yes a lame post requesting a reevaluation of a class that spams a 406% weapon damage attack with a 100% crit chance.....

What you are saying its absurb cause of one sole reason.

The point you are trying to make its for like 1% of the barbs out there.

What about ALL the barbs who doesnt have 100% crit or reduce on hota?

What about those who plays diablo3 as casuals and dont have the 10billion gear?

The nerf you are proposing will just made the game unplayable for barbs(hota spec)

Also a quick fact about all games who use similar game mechanics..

Have you ever see a zeal paladin on d2? A sorc on d2? With certain gearing both was considered op spamming spells.

Or more similar.. the wd nonspamming bears?

The monk with insane gear also crits for like 2m dmg non stop..

The fun on diablo3 is to feel overpower after you suprass some certain breakpoints..
The fun is to play so one day to feel immortal and a god in d3..

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