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lol nerfs are enough man chill
hhhmmmmmmmmm interesting idea as i dont use hota and i do know demon hunters as a rule build quickly to 100% crit but never mind that suggest u play the barb and the different builds as i have seen a weakening of barb skills not an increase that allows them to dominate. and yes i do porefer barbs but if u look at my profile u would see i play all classes. and the average player either spends money on items or doesnt have the time to do such an in depth anaylis of a char they dont play. build a barb the lets talk
OMG so one cry about a Barb. shut up it is fine the way it is. You want to complain about something complain about how hex does not hex ALL types of demons.
Lol really?

ok while were at it lets make it so archon cant be maintained indefinitly. 0dogs should not be able to happen. and im sure something can be complained about for monks, we could always go back to the wah they have a 30% damage reduction qq.

id say rather than something getting nerfed, DH needs to be buffed in someway. lightening balls just gets so boring.

And you also have to understand that for HotA to work flawlessly you have to have some decent gear, no one walks in at 60 and hota stomps everything at mp6+.
Hey Blizzard!!!

Leave our Barbs alone!!!
I love to wackamole
please fix skills that needed to be fix first.
such as this one:

Skills like this are totally impractical to use.
The only thing they know they want is money and they're going to do whatever their dataroids tell them to do...

just forget about it, seriously.
Leave the poor guy alone, who cares if he has a barb or not. OP leave the thread up, let these inconsequential mooks talk as much as they like. Play your game dude :P maybe just avoid those hard hitting barbs when you see them in pvp huh? As for the relevant information in your post, I think HoTA is fine the way it is. Unless every playable barb starts breaking the game with it, a nerf seems like punishment. Also, Koala no offence(cuz your 88 para is sexy) but maybe after you've played with toons "other" than barbs you'll understand how stupidly op they are, and players frustration with them. Why don't you do the OP a favor and delete your post.
For the record I am 100% against nerfing barbs since I have so much fun playing mine :)

Blizzard wanted to buff other skills and give people choices and I gave up my fury generating shout and had to slightly change my playstyle by avoiding lasers and molten a little more than I had before for the extra offense from HOTA.

With that said I remember thinking as I was spamming Hota that it seemed really cool that I was generating fury faster than I could spend it and see 1.3 mill crits popping up left and right lol. A cooldown would completely break the skill and make it unusable for me. Making it cost more would seem appropriate to simulate a cooldown so I couldnt spam continuously.

To bring the ability in line with the rest of the game I propose these changes to the skill.
Increase fury cost by 10
reduce base damage to 206%
reduce smash to make 306% in total

Seismic slam has a fury cost of 30 and base damage of 240%, there is a rune that raises the damage to 340%

What you are suggesting is to make a skill completely redundant.
This doesn't make a lot of sense. All the classes are *almost* invincible killing machines with the right gear. And even without BiS gears, you stack enough LS with LoH with high DPS, there is very little that you cannot faceroll on any mp level.
Definitely a well written constructive post, I think your ideas to fix it are a little bananas though. ALL this build would need to be rebalanced is a changing of the benefits of hammer gear, example: instead of an SoJ having say -3 resource cost to hammer on it, buff the damage up to 10% or something. So that way it's still doing alot of damage but can't be spammed to no end thus "breaking the game mechanics" as you suggest.
u mad bro?
Lmao...I don't know where the mentality comes to nerf things in a primarily PvE game. Buff the hell out of everyone...

"game breaking"?

This. is. Diablo.

You are meant to break the game.
now, it's time to open ladder session and see how fast people can break it.
It's what makes Diablo addictive.

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