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Hi All

Any ANZ player playing on Asian server. Looking for someone to team up for Uber boss run
i posted a thread about that people that live in aus and nz should play on the Asia server rather than the American server. whats your ping on the Asia server and the American server?
ping is not too bad, I got around 220 - 260.

I just tried on American server on the launch day, can't play it. So I changed to Asian server
Those pings still aren't good enough...

Blizzard decision makers should be ashamed of themselves for poor treatment of the Oceania region, but when you've got no soul i guess greedy decisions make sense!

so you get 220-260 on the american server? what about the asia server?
add me. playing DH and wizard. anguslee#6379
I have a lvl 60 monk on the Asia Service. However I am not very experienced / good at multiplayer with no mic and I am very used to going solo.

My gaming TAG for those who are interested.


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