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02/25/2013 05:41 PMPosted by Lylirra
The point is that it wasn't on the PC design team to make considerations for console. Their focus has been and continues to be the PC game. It's the job of console team to make considerations for console as they adapt the existing game for the PlayStation.

Yeah... most of us think it was like this:

PC Team: Hey, we've got this awesome idea to implement for the game!
Console team: What is it?
PC Team: We're gonna have 5 players coop in the game, so all classes can play in one game
Console team: Good idea! Let's test it!
two weeks later
Console team: Yeah... that's not gonna work. PS3 can't handle more than 4 split screens.
PC Team: Alright, guess we gotta scrap that...

[May 15]
Playerbase: WTH! why can't we have 5 players in the game!? One of each class?
Activ/Blizz: Umm.. yeah... for now, we don't want to stress the servers too much...
Diablos!!! ok let's see...

There are 2 Devs Team's since the beginning, unfortunately I can see clearly the Console Dev Team commands the D3 Development leadership until the end...

Why always lag? Because this game was never to be made for online.The fact is D3 is a Console Port. And the D3 Console don't need a permanent online connection, so...where's supposed to be the DRM anti-piracy politics from Blizzard? Only in the paper, an excuse to get greedy, this is so bad.

The 2008 demo on The Blizzcon, what was that? oh yes, that was the true pc version of this game, and because the other Team maybe don't like the idea to get a lot of graphics, history, dialogues, etc...and the console can't support that, they cut down everything.

Sorry, but this is the sad story of a pc game who tried to was the sequel of a great franchise, but at the end, becomes a console port.
Doesnt matter what blizzard says. These people will continue to troll and hate the game. Even if they launched a shutdown and remake, copy and pasting D2 into new graphics...these people would STILL complain.

Logic and thoughts were lost on these people the second D3 hurt them emotionally and they now run on emotion and knee jerk reaction to anything that will fit their argument.

D3 evolved from D2 and wasnt a copy paste which you would have complained about anyway....deal with it and move on please.

You guys have got to have bigger issues going on in your life than a game not being the exact replica of what you invisioned it would be.

All the issues you hate, mainly no offline play and the AH are a direct response to years of abuse in D2, so yeah, your 3rd party scammer sites and offline hacks and bots no longer work...sorry, time to move on please. I know its a terrible feeling to actually play the game legit, and to see average players able to fairly trade and possibly make a few bucks...

Please take your tempertantrums to the competing games and focus that rage on getting their combat to the level D2 was 12 years ago, while ignoring the worse itemization, features, and mechanics...perhaps that rage could be put to better use making another game better, since its clear you all have lost and ability to think on the D3 forums.
Yes i did, and i think it is ridiculous that she snagged a quote from FOUR years before the game is released. Why not look at the nearest-to-release information? Like I did? I can tell you why!DODGING

But your argument is that since it was announced in 2011, Blizz planned from the beginning to have a D3 console version.

Yet, what she provided were quotes from three years before showing that they were discussing it. So obviously they moved from the discussion to the implementation by 2011.

Where's the lie?
Thanks for your explanations, Lylirra. Though I doubt it'll actually end the discussion on the subject, some people just won't listen to reason. Just wanted to say from what I read from your posts you're very articulate can see why you're a Blizzard CM :)
What I am not afraid of is the past and what decisions were made, etc. What I am afraid of is that Blizz wont change the PC version without updating the console version.

For instance, there are a lot of core game play systems in Diablo 3 that need major revamping. However these core features are being desinged right into consoles.

So what is going to happen for PC? Are any core issues going to be put on the back burner until the console release, then address these issue on both platforms?

Right now, my only complant with consoles is that it will hold up change in the PC version, not because they dont have different dev teams, but because the console version is working for a release... and any changes to PC would just delay console release. Case in point, they are adding BoA, Paragon, and MP, etc to consoles. Any more changes and they might delay the release.

So, is there a way to get everyone to take off their console-tinfoil hats? I think so. Blizz you should start to actively change core systems in the PC version. Leave the console version as it stands now, dont worry about updating the console with any changes to the PC until well after you get the console version released.
Lylirra , please. I beg like a beggar in the slum. Confirm single player offline for consoles super please.
lol good job dodging all the offline mode questions lylirra. Why dont you address something people actually care about, instead of rambling about stupid UI decisions/controls/etc.

Its seriously like a slap in the face for PC gamers, we like to play on our own once in awhile to you know and no online single player doesnt cut it (you cant always have internet access). The pirating excuse has little validity as well, since people who pirate games WILL pirate them, its only a matter of time.
Verdict: D3 is console port to PC.

Conclusion: I will never buy another Blizzard product. After they messed up wow by making it a durpers game I gave them one last chance with D3, they turned that into a durpers game.

I think I will not be back to the forums here ever again. I will watch the numbers on D3 console and laugh my butt off when they don't even hit 50000 games sold. Whats even more funny is the fact that a person who will buy this game will beat normal and trade it in same day. I wonder if the devs even thought of this.

That's it blizzard go sell to your console kiddies, I don't spend upwards of 2k on a pc to play a stupid console game. my setup http://imgur.com/B4Jov63

I think I will go enjoy a real game, like my modded skyrim.
02/28/2013 04:18 PMPosted by Vaudevillian
I think I will go enjoy a real game, like my modded skyrim.

Doesn't Skyrim also have console versions?

And whatever duping that happened in Wow (if it happened at all--it was never confirmed) was very, very short lived.
How comes ask a legit question in a respectful manner, I don't get a response from a blue?
02/28/2013 04:35 PMPosted by Zyron
We had someone like that: Bashiok. And, unfortunately, we all know how that turned out.

If you've been around these Diablo forums for that long, why hide behind a wow profile?

Me, hiding? Naw. I can post on my D3 account.
02/28/2013 04:57 PMPosted by Bird

If you've been around these Diablo forums for that long, why hide behind a wow profile?

Me, hiding? Naw. I can post on my D3 account.

However, I've been using this character to post on Blizzard's forums for over six years, so why change now?
02/28/2013 04:31 PMPosted by Ryaskybird
Doesn't Skyrim also have console versions?

Yes is true, TES Skyrim has console versions, but not a Console Port! :)

Skyrim from the perspective of PC is a beautiful masterpiece that you can modify, even improve with a new patch of 4 GB of High Resolution Textures, you can see the awesome difference from consoles, not for running at 60 FPS, is the fact of freedom sense you can get with this game...that is priceless.

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