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Hey guys, just thought i'd start this post for people to post their level 60 monk builds.. I want to try some cool builds so leave your suggestions down here!
thanks heaps !
I've seen a couple nice ones:
  • I like using the Tempest Rush build for farming XP, it's really fun once you have enough DPS (start at around 100k dps and go up from there, I'm currently running with 155k and it's great!)
  • I think most monks use the tornado lightning build (FOT + SW cyclone), I like it and use it for farming keys and ubers, I'm using a won khim lau for a BIG boost to damage from lightning
  • stun lock build looks intriguing, I'll give that a try soon
  • wave of light seems to do a huge amount of damage, could give that a try if I get a decent SOJ
  • Good luck!
    check my profile. spamming bells all day is what I do. :D
    yes they do heaps of damage esp on 2h weapons, can 1shot normal mobs on MP7.
    TR + bells on low MP but I usually run MP5 with this build.
    I just saw this 100% dodge build, looks amazing!
    Another Build..
    Top 24 World
    Top 10 America
    for an All Resist suit
    sfa dps though :(
    have a look at my profile if you like, he is currently not geared but when i was playing him i found juggling primary skills to be a fun play style and unloading on them with just that build up. seven sided strike for additional invul or you can drop it for lots of bells on the off chance.

    its' not a really effective build tho, but it is fun and has strong potential i feel if a monk genius where to evolve it further into a proper bell build/nado build
    Amos, I like your "add % damage" skills, I wonder if there is a working build for that, or as you said, maybe someone will step up to the challenge and work out a nice combination of skills and gear for this? I'm thinking a result of add 200/300% damage could be OP :) who needs CC/CD when every normal hit is more powerful!
    I suggest playing around with skills. Ive tried using deadly reach as main and FoT to quickly move to next mob. Ive never enjoyed blinding flash so i tend to avoid that skill. Bells has become my fav skill with reduced spirit cost. With full spirit u can drop 6 bells before it depletes. And that does serious damage to anything.
    With my spec atm, i can run mp8 without too much trouble. Takes me a bit longer than id like to kill elites as my dps is only around 115k unbuffed. But i carry an SOJ for extra elite damage
    b4rm4ley - yeah the idea is not to need the staple of stats people use. but it's hard to gear for, i think a won kim lau combo works, you want to add lots of damage to your primary attacks and use a black weapon perhaps alongside the won kim, but yeah i think you still need some cc and cd for the big dps :(

    i'm with WAZZ in regards to blinding flash, really don't like the skilla dn i feel its' too short.

    i think my dashing strike is a little outdated lol, i havn't seen it in much use latelly, maybe i can change it for bells and use massive spirit regen from the primary and gear to make near infinate bell drops that woudl be wicked, i'm thinking along the lines of the wizard apoc stats, if i can find a way to do something like that for spirit regen with reduced costs... would be cool
    I used to go a bit more defensive in the lower MPs (blinding flash, the heal w +15% dmg), but after my weapon dropped one day (and I crafted LoH on my necklace first go) I've had no trouble staying alive.
    Sure my dps is pretty meh, but the only thing that can kill me now are arcane sentries and plague zones. Which are pretty easy to avoid. So I'm having no real difficultly playing MP6.
    And taking the bell is a great trash killer. I use the aoe version so it also acts as an aoe knockback if I need it.
    Also the clone just never dies. Even vs elites. And having an extra target for enemies to punch does wonders for your repair bill/death count. I chose the wind version for the passive aoe. Not to mention if he did die (by standing in desecration for 20 seconds for example) he costs sfa to recast and has no casting animation.

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