Where are the details for the second Ask the Devs?

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Just putting the post up higher so that the under qualified dev's can see that we have not forgotten about this.
Yo Blizzard, what up? You getting this done.
02/25/2013 08:30 PMPosted by Grimiku
We wouldn’t dream of giving up on the players, in fact we are planning to tackle one of the more frequent community discussions. :) We are working on a new set of questions for “Ask the Devs” that revolves around itemization, a very popular subject here on the forums. We’re looking at doing this in March, and are very excited about the opportunity to provide some answers and insight about this subject to the community.

Sorry, but is hard to belive that anything will have a decent answer, after near a year of non sense jumble-mumble in every core question.
What happened to the new set of questions? Seems like Travis is the only one working. You shouldn't need me to keep reminding you guys to do your job.
Dear Blizzard, you will take money out of the game? serisouly?

Than please tell me, why to hell isn't it possible to give us an option to Socket items?
The socket will cost as example 50.000.000 Gold or an Marquise Jewel. And than the Item ist BoA.

Me and many, many Players found Items, they will be perfect if they had a socket or at least they are a huge improvment.

This will be an improvment for Players like me. I can't play Diablo 10 Hours the day and so i havent a fair chance to get better. And thats the same for millions of other players.
JAY ate it
I would prefer to a different topic , for example PVP or LADDER or ITEMIZATION etc etc , that will SUGGEST TO DEVS than ASK TO DEVS !! :)

It takes Blizzard 3 months to work on a monthly update.

Not like its a big company with huge resources.

You calling a company that making 120-140million per month only by a single game subscriptions big? naaah :)

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