3v1 & 2v1 PvP Challenge!

Ok I will 3v1 or 2v1 players.

the rules:

-you must have your team of 2 or 3 ready and post the btag of all of your team member here in one post.

-no players over paragon lvl 60

-the sum of all paragon levels of the members of a team must be equal or less than 100

-no leaving the arena at any time during the match.

-to defeat me your team must kill me 10 times before I get 20kills

Some of the ffa's I have been in have ended up in a situation like this and its always been a ton of fun. Weather you win or lose will largely depend on how good your teamwork is.
Lol, if anyone thinks they can beat him 10 times before he kills you 20 times and are under plvl 60 let me know! I will bring Lorax (paragon level 13) and guarantee I won't contribute to the death toll lol. I will even provide some crowd control support like stuns and eat haunts like nothing.
Iria you can be the designated mr. Piggy! Then everyone else gets a free shot at chuck without hex! Lol

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