When are we getting an update?

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First, I would like to start by saying D3 is a great game, having spent more than 300 hours playing, saying otherwise would just be hypocrisy. That said, I would also like to add that D3 is (at least for me) getting to a point where everything feels old and boring.

There is really nothing else to do, than farming. Sure MP were a great addition, it felt great to be able to advance from one MP to another, but that also became monotonous. Brawling, as cool as it is to have a chance of fighting others, is not a good life extender for D3, not because PvP isn't my cup of tea, just the opposite, I want some real PvP.

I understood your reasons, when you delayed team deathmatch, but I am getting worried about how long it will take to be implemented. I am not ranting about D3 being ported to the PS, but it makes me feel like, a big part of the D3 dev team will be spending their time on it, instead of adding a much needed update to the PC version. I might be wrong, maybe theres is a whole new team for it, but is just the way I see it.

I know you want to give us a worthy PvP, but maybe adding what you got now, to the game might improves D3 end content. There will be many balancing issues, but they could be fixed on the way.

D3 is a great game, but it really needs some kind of real PvP.

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