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Technical Support
ince I started playing this game on release night I have never been able to view my monks profile(Character name Damiown not the monk on hardcore Senoid) in game. I am guessing the server issues that night have something to do with it(matbe the server never fully recognized my hero being created). Along with not being able to see his profile in game, no one can view any part of my profile on the forums or look up any of my characters with the profile viewer. I have put in 7-8 support tickets and no one could figure it out so they sent me here! I REALLY hope you guys can fix it, I would be pretty stoked, so best of luck!

Bliz Customer

I had your account checked and while they acknowledge the problem, they don't have a current fix for it. They believe they might be able to get it resolved sometime next week hopefully so check it again then please. I do apologize for the inconvenience it's caused.

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