Late celebrate my monk broke 200k DPS!

One weeks ago, I broke 200k dps. I forgot to share my joy to every monk who helping me.
I would like to thank many monk players that they wrote down their comments on my forum topic "How to gear up my Monk up 200 dps". Also I got so much monk knowledge in this forum. I know my monk is not the top one, but I like her. Some comments are very positive, some are too hard to me, such as to get 1200 dps with 60% CD. I don't have such many golds to buy this weapons. But I proud to myself, I didn't spend any penny on this game since the game released on last year May.
It is just a little milestone for my monk. I'm really enjoy D3 with my monk. Although the progress is little bit hard, the monk is the most fun character.
Congrats old timer! A job well done>:)
Congrats bud! 200k is a definite accomplishment.
Congrats!! Lets race for the p100
Now....300k goal for you sir :) Or try retaining 200k+ without EF!!
FE3DOE: Thanks your advise, otherwise i can't break through 200k unbuff.

Senerene: If I have goal I might change my EF. But I'm not rich... I need to sell drops in AH and saving more gold. May be I can break through 300k one day. Haha thanks your advise.
gratz im still working on my 200 :(
sono: You are very close on it. I think you can craft your bracer first and change same EF dps with CD that you can break through it....
FE3DOE: You got a new toy WKL.... great! I got from a drop but it states 750 dps.. too much drop my dps!
Haha... Was trying play around with my gears in stash. Will change my offhand BS once i found GOD like wkl or <in my sweet dreamssss>
Grats on 200k! Always nice to see someone make it to their goal, good luck hitting paragon 100!
im almost there with ya! grats
02/23/2013 04:36 PMPosted by Sengerene
Now....300k goal for you sir :) Or try retaining 200k+ without EF!!

I was 300dps before. Now I'm over 200k dps without EF!
Congrats! :)
epic! very nice!!!!
Im trying to find out my old posts that are significant milestone on my monk!

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