Auction House giving Error 0 wont let me post

Technical Support
i open up gold auction house . it looks normal all functions work except selling items. it shwos the completed Tab 8 items in queue. I try to post an item for sale and it gives me a dialogue of Auction Error 0?

then i noticed that on the completed tab it shows 50 items in the que.. but i only have 8?

i am not sure why it goes from the 8 that it shows when i first open the AH and then it goes to the 50 that are not even there..

anyone else experience this glitch?

please fix asap..
Tons of us have been going through this for days. It doesn't appear that it'll ever be fixed.
i am having the same problem!!! i am forced to put my loot in my own character's carrying space!!! blizzard should fix this ASAP!
I've quit playing til this gets fixed. No reason to play this game without the AH.
still ongoing for me.
Same problem for me for about a week. Hardcore Auction House is the only one giving me Error 0.
just started tonight for me after patch??
It has been happening to me again; started about a day ago. Listed a legendary item and after that I couldn't list anything else.

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