inexperienced wiz players opinion

hi, just got my wiz to 60 and gave him all of my wd's gear. Since I lack any AP on crit and have generally lower crit than most wiz'es go for I decided to come up with my own build. and surprisingly it's working pretty well.

heres a link to my current build!ZWT!YcZcZa

Drop slow time, spam spectral blade and then use blizzard when you have 5 stacks of arcane dynamo. Literally stand still and watch !@#$ die. So far I've managed to handle mp8 before I start getting one shot. It's no CM in terms of control, but the damage is pretty ridiculous, with everything going I kill %^-* almost as fast as bear spam on my wd.
Yes, it's a Spectral Blizzard build. :D Since Blizzard was buffed this last patch, players have started to reincorporate it. Nice buff to Blizzard, huh?!

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