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Anything about the 7. Mephisto is my favorite to hear Cain talk about.
Not sure if this applies here but some of the little quotes on the passive skills are pretty cool. There are a number of them I like but my favorite would probably be the one for the monk passive "Sixth sense" Something about the pit of 12 vipers and the initiates aren't told about the 13th. Just sounds kick !@# to me eventhough I've never used that passive.
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I like the one about naked.

Yeah, the poem by Solan was something unexpected amongst all the killing.

As for which lore is my fav... they all come together to create the world of Sanctuary and it's history so that's probably what I like most about the lore. I do hope the expansions keep up with this content as well (but more areas to explore is my number 1 need for the expansions... preferably areas a lot more randomised than in the main game).
even though blue is bull$h1ttin us from the real issues of the game, i cant resist: summoner's journal

nothing else comes close
The Moldy Tome: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_iz-z-Ll0g

...And so it came to pass that the Countess, who once bathed in the rejuvenating blood of a hundred virgins, was buried alive...And her castle in which so many cruel deeds took place fell rapidly into ruin. Rising over the buried dungeons in that god-forsaken wilderness, a solitary tower, like some monument to Evil, is all that remains.

The Countess' fortune was believed to be divided among the clergy, although some say that more remains unfound, still buried alongside the rotting skulls that bear mute witness to the inhumanity of the human creature.

It's so good, there's even this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1QOmlo1vLM
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The tome describing the countess was fantastic.

100% agree

I miss hunting the countess thought.can we have a similar boss on D3?
The one about the lord of Goats is pretty funny
This for sure.


Still creepy to this day.
Yeah - as said - Faud and his lore is creepy as hell.

When I first saw that all I remember is hearing all the b/itching about the absence of gore in the game (really??).

And then he SPOKE THROUGH THE DOOR.... and I nearly pee'd myself.
Basically it's long but to sum it up: " Look! more hidden footprints! "

That concludes my thoughts on the lore and the story of diablo 3, and what i personally took from it.
Bloodstained letter, because I get to pick it up countless times.
Lore kinda sucks in Diablo 3. It not it's strong point.
Mira's letter to Haedrig is pretty good.
I am interested in Mathael (angel of wisdom). waiting for him to come into the story, kick out Tyrael for taking his spot on the Angris council. ..it was pretty bold of Tyrael to think that he is the aspect of wisdom... I am sure deckard cain could have done a better job :p

Also want to know if Mathael is the enchantresses prophet/angel.

Waiting for Prime Evil vs Prime Good in one of the expansions and for us nephalem to step up when the Prime Good fails..
"My name is Lachdanan, and I am cursed......"

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