Where did you find your Chantodo Source?

I have been playing for about 1 k of hours , still no even a source from that set.
not even a crappy Chants Source(only Tals's Source).

Please state where you found it, even a crappy one.

I apologize if this Question is against the rule of the forum.
(I have googled, but with limited results,therefore I decided to ask)

Thanks In advance.
auction house
now into the dungeon rule breaker!!!
I found a usable CF in Tower of the Damned Level 1 a long time ago. It was 190 avg damage, 10CC, 9IAS, 9APOC and it served well. I eventually upgraded it to my current one. It's the only CF I've ever found too.

It kind of represents how broken drops in this game is. At paragon level 89, I've only found 2 pieces of gear I've actually ever used. Other piece was trifecta gloves.

You can farm A3, but RNG is RNG. You either find a useable CF (remote chance), or find things to sell to buy one (not likely either).

But your best bet is to play Diablo3AuctionHouse, and then buy one.
AH of course. Find?! What do you think this is, a game where you find loot to wear off mobs or something crazy like that? That's just crazy talk mahn!
Found my Chant Force on AH.
Found my Chant Will in Boozor's stash (private sale)

Found lots of other wands and sources....but, funny enough, never any Chant stuff.
AH dog. I found like 3 all ridiculous like 125 avg dam. I also found like 10 wands same deal. After crafting a bit it makes you appreciate just how hard it is to roll "right"

Thats why if you get a GG item be patient at AH sell it for what it's worth which is high.
Found mine legit about 2 weeks ago. It was kinda weird because a Chants wand dropped the game before. Anyhow, probably 3rd force that I have found. All the other ones were pretty crappy. Wish this had something else instead of socket, but the damage is nice.
I've found maybe 1 chants force that I sold for like 20 mill. Non apoc of course. The one I have I found and aph bought for me from the ah.
I found a 250 average damage one with high IAS and CC in Rakkis Crossing way, way back when they just buffed the legendaries. It sold for like 350M—back when people were still figuring out CM/WW, so APoC wasn't as desired as it is now.

I found another one a couple of weeks ago in Arreat Crater 2 with about 230 average damage, with 9 APoC, and that one sold for a little bit under 200M because of its minimum-rolled IAS and CC.

The one I use for my CM/WW set is obviously found in the AH.
AH. i've never had a source drop for me of any type.
Stonefort, dropped from one of those Fallen Peon things.

What's most odd to me is that when I do actually get something of a good drop, I'm not really excited at all. My reaction is more of a sedate "Oh, wow", and I continue playing.
Dahlgur Oasis drop mine while doing key runs, didnt really pay attention and thought it was brimstone material
I found Mighty Belt. Is it from Chants set?
02/26/2013 09:48 AMPosted by cadboy
AH. i've never had a source drop for me of any type.

Me too. I have not been able to use something that I found since November of last year, haha.
I've found 3 of them. Not sure where, and since there's no evidence that any lvl 60+ items are more likely to drop in one place than any other place, there's not really any point in asking where people found them.
I found one recently. Very low level, but first green source. It was in the Keeps.

I have found good gear though. A nice Zuni Chest just dropped for me last night in the Keeps as well. I have to say for whatever reason, the Keeps have been good to me.

I found a 4.5 CC Nat's Ring on StoneFront
Through rougly 1000 hours on the wiz, I've maybe found 3 forces in various locations. All were crap.
02/26/2013 07:13 AMPosted by Junger
It kind of represents how broken drops in this game is.

That's how D2 was too. I played that game for over five years and very rarely found anything that I actually used, outside of gambling for Tarnhelms etc. People mock the AH constantly, but it's far better than dealing with idiots and cheapskates in trading games.

In D3 I've gotten like three or four use-worthy drops since May, including my current Vile Ward. I'm pretty satisfied with that ratio to be honest.
Satisfied with 3 good drops since May!!!??? Are you crazy? In no way shape or form are you correct in how D2 farming Compares to D3. It was 1000x better than d3s current state. There were always usable items dropping and rare Godly items were still obtainable but not common place like COAs high runes, spiderweb sashes, etc. always something to look forward too. It was exciting to ID uniques in D2 where in D3 it's like.... I'm afraid to ID it cause its gonna be garbage.... Happy with 3 items......laughable.
02/26/2013 08:22 PMPosted by DarkSayain
It was exciting to ID uniques in D2 where in D3 it's like.... I'm afraid to ID it cause its gonna be garbage....

There is nothing wrong with itemization now.

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