How YOU can make D3 more like D2

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funny.. arent they already making D3 like D2x in the previous patches?

ubers, paragon levels>longer grind, legendary buff, crafting>gamble

I dont know if or even possible to duplicate the Skill synergies of D2x patch 1.10 with the current D3 skill system.

Oh and runewords! They would probably rename it since it will confuse with the current useage of the skill "runes".
3. Pretend you have a stamina bar. Every now and then, stop running and just stand there for a moment.

Only if classes in D3 get to run as fast as my barbarian "walked" in d2
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02/26/2013 01:22 PMPosted by Goodbrew
I don't normally assume games (outside the Sims) cut out features intentionally to hold them off for the expansion but.... it does feel like that with D3.

Well why the heck do you think I'm waiting for the expansion? =P

In all fairness, I believe some things actually did end up getting cut because they didn't have them dialed in quite yet, such as the know, the other one; or maybe even their old skill points (which I see making a comeback). Nixing the deathmatches and all of that though? Lame. They failed to realize that people don't need to be content to pvp all day. It's just a side attraction anyhow. So yeah, seeing as with two slated expansions and one that should be out either holiday season this year or early the next, I'll be glad to welcome some of that groovy content into my game. =)
You forgot a few:

-Drop a load of gold on the ground every time you die.

-Unequip all your gear until you get back to where you died.

-Don't shoot RD monsters at all when the RD is up and if you do, you have to let yourself die (since iron maiden used to be something absurd like 1000% reflected).

-Don't unsocket gems, get a whole new item.
02/26/2013 09:03 PMPosted by Zoid
-Don't unsocket gems, get a whole new item.

This one is a good idea, but it would require more dupes to flood the market like Diablo 2 had before it really becomes feasible.

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