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Paragon Levels were a great addition to this game but in my opinion, it does not provide adequate reward for the time and effort put into gaining it.

In any RPG, leveling up means that your character gains stronger. You gain additional stats, skills and be able to wear higher level of gear.
This is true in Diablo 3 from levels 1 through 60. You gain skills, stat points, runes and you are able to equip higher tier equipment as you progress through normal, nightmare and hell.
You can actually see your character get stronger.

Once you reach level 60, you are no longer gaining skills, runes or the ability to wear higher tier equipment simply because that's the end of the line for them. For a while, this was the end of the road in progression through character stats.
Enter Paragon system.
Now everyone has 100 more levels to grind. But what's the point?

1. Magic Find and Gold Find. Reaching paragon 100 will actually yield you max MF and GF. At first glance, this is a pretty nifty idea. The premise is once you gain adequate paragon levels, you can slowly remove the MF affix from your gear and replace them with a much more useful one. And by reaching max paragon level, you no longer need MF or GF.

Problem: No one really cares about MF or GF(maybe some do, whatever). RNG kind of defeats MF's purpose. From the game's description, MF increases each item's potency. The higher your MF, the bigger the chance of you getting a high-affix item. So basically, if you get a 6 affix rare, RNG would still play it's part and not give you the right affixes for that item to be viable. MF only increases your chances of a high-affix item.

2. Stats. 300 main stat points. 200 vit points. 100 each for the remaining stats. Sounds really nice. But then again, in order to get those stat points, you would need to grind hundreds, if not thousands of hours to reach paragon 100. Or you could just get those stats from gear (:

Suggested Solution:
Paragon Rewards
Besides the MF, GF and stat points, reaching a certain paragon level should give you more than just a measly 3% MF and GF and a little bit of stats. Here's an example:

Paragon 10: +7 yards pick up radius (gets you a base of 10 yards)
Paragon 20: Health Globes and Pots give you +10,000 Life
Paragon 30: +10% Movement Speed Increase (stacks over speed cap)
Paragon 40: +50 Resistance to All Elements
Paragon 50: +500 Armor
Paragon 60: +12% Life
Paragon 70: +100 Vitality
Paragon 80: +100 Main Stat
Paragon 90: +5% Damage
Paragon 100: +10% Damage against Elites

Have an NPC in town that would check your paragon level and add the adequate reward for you current level.
I like the idea but for me at least MF is an important thing. It's not about the rares, it helps a lot in getting those legendary and set items. By moving MF off items, I'm also allowed to be better geared since I'm not limited by MF.

But all in all, I like your suggestion. But I think the reason they didn't want Paragon levels to add a lot to your character it's because they didn't want people to feel gimped if they didn't reach a high paragon level.

I think they need to find a way to make playing the game fun so that you are just paragon leveling simply by having fun playing the game. Even with the added incentives you suggested, it's still a chore the way it is now. If they implemented your suggestion and also came up with a way to improve game play I think that's a big winner right there.
Good ideas, +1 to OP.
i support the ideal
good suggestion
Paragon levels are perfectly fine. Until you play a character with max MF and then play a character at PL level 1, you won't have any idea how big of a difference it makes. The stat bonuses are completely fine. For most players it's an increase of >10% for main stat, and >20% for vitality.

you would need to grind hundreds, if not thousands of hours to reach paragon 10

Absolutely wrong, ESPECIALLY after 1.07. People were able to farm 100m+ exp/hour PRIOR to 1.07, which means 1-100 only takes ONE HUNDRED (not hundreds, or THOUSANDS of hours). That being said, even at PLvl50 the benefits are worthwhile, and it would only require 21 hours to obtain at 100m/exp hour. Naturally, 100M would be fairly expensive, even post-1.07, but the average person can EASILY net over 50M/hour, which means someone could reach PLvl50 in under 50 hours played. Needless to say, that isn't thousands.


Paragon is fine.

I may be a little off in that sense since I haven't logged in the game for quite a while. Also, the rewards does not necessarily have to be every 10 paragon levels. It was just a suggestion. Adding another form of incentive will certainly push people to grind paragon levels. The way it stands for me now is that there is too little of a reward in regards to the paragon system.

As for the topic of having a max MF character vs a low MF character, I do agree that there is a gap between the quality of loot. By quality, I mean the number of affixes it has. Either way, RNG will still screw you over. Itemization is just that bad.
300% mf is far greater than 0%.

in terms of finding legendaries

try gaining 276% (more or less) by maxing out magic find on every piece of gear you have. then tell me what is your ehp and dps and loh/regen/lifesteal thereafter.

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