No cross play between PC and PS3/4

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There is no way I am buying the ps3 version of D3 if I have to start all over. I stick with PC and hope it gets better.
will there be one ah?
PC is the only platform for D3.

But im curious on how they would adjust the UI in a console/gamepad,
seems tricky to me XD
Then don't buy.
02/26/2013 11:28 PMPosted by Darlynn
Then don't buy.

You're hostile and naive to the discussion.

The majority of people who buy D3, is because the hype of the Diablo franchise that D2LoD generate and the name of Blizzard Entertaiment.

Say if this game not named Diablo or made by BlizzardE, it would be a flop!
I'm not going to but it would be fun to play with more friends. Most of my friends have PS3s and are on constantly, only a few play pc and ps3. We should be able to at least copy our profile over to the PS3.

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