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ok so as i haven't played in 3 days i suppose i could have missed something, although as i have now loaded d3 onto my laptop and started to try to play it i noticed the monster power option was gone.
the software says everything is up to date, anyone have the same problem?
Monster Power isn't enable by default, so you'll need to open Options -> Gameplay and select "Enable Monster Power Selection.".
02/25/2013 06:12 PMPosted by Vasadan
Monster Power isn't enable by default, so you'll need to open Options -> Gameplay and select "Enable Monster Power Selection.".

I'll expand that. Monster Power is repeatedly disabled by default, so if you realize that tomorrow your Monster Power is gone again, don't worry, you're not going crazy - the game is indeed disableing it without you telling it to.

Basically, if at any point after you started the game, you open up the Options menu for the first time after starting up the game, your monster power will be disabled. You must either re-check it before closing the options, or canceling out instead of hitting "accept". This happens only on the first time you open the Options menu after each time launching the game.
02/25/2013 08:46 PMPosted by Liogela
However, we weren't able to reproduce the random disabling of monster power functionality entirely...

How so? I've just listed the steps on the very post you quoted, besides on another thread by itself on these forums.

You got halfway there. Yes, the checkbox "appears" unchecked after relaunch. The thing is, it doesn't just "appear" unchecked, the game truly believes YOU have unchecked it. So if you cancel out of the option screens, it won't have any effect, and it will once again be checked for the remainder of the play session, even after you open up the Options again.

However, if you press Accept, it will turn it off. The thing is, you don't even need to look at the Gameplay section of the Options, that is why it seems random for everyone.

Example Scenario:
Launch up the client. Before starting a game, go to Options -> Social and disable Auto Join. Or change RMAH currency or whatever. Accept.
Voilá, monster power is now turned off (no drop-down in the quest selector), because it was unchecked on the Gameplay tab that you didn't even visit, and you clicked Accept.

People aren't aware of what is causing it, thus why it is reported as being random.

However there are actually posts going far back as October listing the repro steps to it:
i have a serious question that needs an answer and consideration.

why is there even an option for monster power still?
it is my opinion that it would be easier for it to be always on. having a toggle in the options menu is a redundancy that is obviously causing problems.

if it were always enabled it would be the same as it is now. the user could go to "change quest" and select either "no monster power" (off) or MP1-10 (on). this way there would never be a situation where the options menu just magically disabled itself and the way the user changes the MP doesnt change.
i had this same problem and was not happy because i couldnt farm with my monk

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