Pretty legit WH?.. I think?

9 AS
49 Cd
35ish lightning res
79res all
79 vit
90ish int
35ish dex

Trying to sell. What should I expect out of this? AH is all over the place. I get 250m offers and ppl saying this is worth more, less. Iono just want a fair offer to equip my monk better
I'd say 350 and up. But 350 is a good starting bid
i would think this is a great monk belt if ure running lightning res ur owe resists

imo put it up for a billion+ during the week in case u get lucky and if it doesnt sell

then on friday change it to 350mil starting bid with no buyout (or a really high buyout) and hopefully ull get lucky
appreciate the info. Just looking at the AH it seems like this would go for a lot. I'll try steel's idea. Hopefully it gets me enough to get a good one for me and add a few upgrades.

jk ryan i want it.. still cant believe that you found this off a dead body.. eff you

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