The Salvation of Diablo 3: A Guide by Gosu

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U wrote a mightly long essay but u give lots of good creative ideas and suggestions. If Blizzard even implements half of them D3 will be a big success.

Blizzard needs to think killing mobs isnt just bashing and doing direct damage to it. There should be lots of fun ways to kill mobs eg. bleeding mobs to death, poisoning them to death, fearing them to death....

Good Post Gosu.
So much filler in this post, but I guess its nice to see this kind of dedication. This reads more like a fan mod than actual game design, but you have some good ideas and at least touch on the big problems this game has, so bravo for that.

Great effort, well written with dedication. One can easily see potentially what D3 can be. Let's bump this again and hope that devs can take a few notes on these ideas.
Just finished the first post and I must say it is really good. Makes me wanna play the game you described sooo much... I will read the whole thing for sure. Thank you for taking the time to write all this! Hopefully you will get a blue response. If not keep reposting it so it won't get lost :) If it was up to me I'd make you a lead designer :D But since it's not I hope someone who can change things reads this post and REALLY thinks about what you wrote. Because I feel D3 had huge potential (heck it is the sequel of D2!) which is being wasted right now... What is bad is that such changes can't be implemented easily. Ideally (in my opinion at least) this can be done with a fresh start of the game (a complete wipe) although many people will disagree. Another option is the expansion although this will take a lot of time as it must include new content in addition to the proposed changes.

Edit: How is it possible for fans to create such a complex and interesting mod like Median XL while the best company in the game industry (my opinion) couldn't make an equally interesting sequel?! Seriously has anyone tried this mod? Or at least read the skills of any of the classes? They are mind-blowingly cool and interesting.
After reading the whole post I lost count of how many times I exclaimed "Holy crap! That would be awesome!".

Gosu, your insight to this games flaws and weaknesses is superb. I applaud you sir.

One thought I had while reading the Prime Power Loot section was what if there was a Nephalem Imprint on gear. This Nephalem Imprint would change which stats on gear received the Prime Roll depending on who is wearing the armor or grasping the weapon. Imagine finding an item with 2 Prime Rolls but it doesn't fit your Wizard's current build goal. You could then load up your WD to see which stats receive the Prime Roll. I think this would promote actually leveling more than just one main character. This could also prevent these Prime Loot items from dominating the AH as you wouldn't know which stats would receive the Prime Roll until you equipped it on your character...similar to gambling I guess.

This could be entirely too complicated and there are no doubt factors I have not considered so feel free to pick it apart as you feel necessary :)

Happy slaying!
I believe this is my first post outside of the barb forum, and suprised that a CM hasn't even made one post regarding this. I feel that since I have spent so much time on my Barbarian I can't and won't dedicate anymore time to any other class because of the flaws in the game.

I read every sentence and while some of the ideas might not be perfect there is tons of flexibility for improvement upon the dead system we play with, this guy has a great imagination and give him props for typing it all up. I would definately look forward to playing much more and I can't stand the grind any longer and my only real goal at this point is to craft BiS BOA items for my barb, since i can't afford the 100mil to 2 billion+ items to upgrade him.

awesome post, hopefully there is some kind of acknowledgement from Bliz (although I'm not holding my breath)
Great work, Gosu. I would definitely be excited to play the game you described in your post. I finished reading Section 1 and looking forward to reading the rest.
+1. One of the most thorough constructive posts I've read.
+1 OP you have my vote!

This was an amazing post! You may wonder yet may never come to know how much fun i'd have and possibly others would have if any or all of you suggestions were implemented!!

Good work, Good suggestions, Good Feedback!

I seriously hope Blizzard do not ignore this well-written post and I seriously hope they learn from it and implement certain aspects of it!

Good day, sir Gosu
+100 hours
OP just written himself into the role of D3 game director. Anyone else is just a pretender.
Great post! Only had time to read the first 4 bolded but I will be returning to read it after work :) really thought out great ideas

Finished reading and the ideas kept getting better! I specifically liked this post because it not only summarized what people have been saying in complete detail but it also provided extremely thought out solutions that I believe if implemented now in their rawest form would contribute immensely to D3.

My favorite take home points were NP system and prime loot. I think both systems would give players a feeling of individuality and customization that this game needs.

Finally, I loved the respectful tone you used toward the D3 team. I respect them too. I never thought that greed was a driving force for this game and I truly believe they will continue to work out the kinks until D3 loses it's reputation of being a disappointment and finally becomes timeless like D2. Let's rally the troops and make these ideas happen!
Read it all - lots and lots of amazing, creative ideas - mass respect.

Few things. I think you greatly underestimate the negative effect the GAH has on your average player, and I think you greatly overestimate the positive effect that your proposed itemization changes will have upon the GAH and its influence.

When I say "greatly", I really do mean "greatly". I'm happy to elaborate if you're unsure.
Great post,fantastic ideas.

Thank you for expressing the thoughts of many of us.The potential is there.Now the only thing we need is for someone to do something with it...or not.
The Blue's fingers is twitching.

Too good a post.


As the usual case for them to ignore and reply to " how is the weather? " posts.
02/28/2013 06:08 AMPosted by Dutchmilk
As the usual case for them to ignore and reply to " how is the weather? " posts.

tomorrow's blue post:

What was your favourite tree in the Diablo franchise ?
Very nice ideas you have there!
+ 1 for one of the best thread I've read so far. I admire the work you did here buddy.

Blizzard should have people like you, Moldran or Kripp behind the scenes.

I hope Blizz gets inspired by some of your ideas. More specificaly, your itemization ideas are insanely good IMO. It would be amazing really.

Both Blizz AND the community would benefit from these changes. More players would play, having fun with the game, plus Blizz would get more money through the AH.

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