The Salvation of Diablo 3: A Guide by Gosu

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You basically took everything I have said to my friends and wrote it out in a clean and helpful manner, you deserve some sort of award for this.

The sad part is though, that many of these ideas have been posted about since day 1 and there is still not likely to be any sweeping fixes before an expansion, if they ever come at all. I hope I am wrong about that. Thank you for taking the time to write out what I am feeling and what my group of friends feel.
I am very interested if Blizzard will respond to this. +1 to you Gosu.
Good going Gosu nice job, some great ideas in there.
They'd actually help themselves a lot by acknowledging all of these suggestions. Nice job.
I think we just found a game director app!

Or at least least a new MVP who actually knows his stuff compared to who has the tag these days...
Great post.

One of the only "Highly Rated" post with no "Reported" mark on it.

Hope Blizzard listens to it.

saying this is a long post, is the understatement of the century.

Anyway wherever you go, there you are.

From reading this, basically the whole game needs to be scrapped, and redone from the ground up.
Which probably is never gonna happen.
Best post on the forums. Period. We should all copy and paste a portion in the next "ask the devs" round and fill the entire thread with pieces of this. Maybe, by some miracle it would get through to them.

The saddest part about this thread is that it requires a re-launch of the game and another 3-8 years to develop. Gosu why weren't you working at Blizz 5 years ago?!
haha i started reading this (still not finished) and scrolled down just to see how long it was then i saw "section 2" and i thought oh boy im reading a book here.

from what ive read this looks really good, i really hope blizz reads this!!!!!
i need a whole day to read this post.
sick post +1
You weren't kidding about it being VERY long lol.

Putting in a placeholder so I can come back to it.
nice post..with great ideas now you just need to give your resume to blizz HQ and have them reasign you to dev director! to finnaly put d3 in the right direction Ill wait 5 more year for a better fd3.!!!! lets do this! more gear and skill diverstiy por favor and auto stat feature need to be replaced with good old fashioned stat allocator!

after reading this genius A++ post, it finally dawned on me just how little motivation I have left to continue playing d3 (aside from still needing to get 3 of the classes to level 60...i've been very unbalanced as far as playing all the classes), and how much I suddenly have a craving to get back into D2. the visual shift is certainly jarring, d2 being, what, at least ten years old by now (i can't be arsed to look up / remember specifically the year of its launch). Again, brilliant post, and I applaud you, but I'm afraid you've wasted a lot of energy and precious time with this post. It saddens me that the developers of this game had none / few among them with this level of insight and imagination which would have made for a truly worthy sequel to the first two games. I won't say that I have abandoned hope for this installment completely, but at this point I am convinced that any dramatic changes to this game which might affect the state of many player's 'toons', will not come in the form of a patch, or even several patches. The developers are too afraid of pissing off the inevitable branch of players who will cry profusely when they log on one day to find that their character with all-BiS items, possibly bought entirely through the RMAH, has changed dramatically due to many/all of their items getting revamped in the patching process. These people will rant and rave whether the changes to their gear/skills is of benefit to the greater population of players or not. Apparently this is a line Blizz is no longer willing to cross, at least not since the 1.04 legendary changes, which was in general a step in the right direction, but wasn't nearly comprehensive enough and many of the changes to these items that SHOULD have been great sadly demonstrated much of the same incompetence present in the original design! however, the reason i still have a smidgen of hope left is that I know the blues do read many of these posts, and let me be the first to say, there have been a staggering number of threads with impressive and interesting ideas. But any major CORE changes, be they inspired by gamer feedback/suggestion or not, will not appear until the expansion, however far away that may be. That will be Diablo III's last hope of redemption, and perhaps, transcendence.

postlude: I apologize for the lack of proper capitalization at the beginning of almost every sentence and the lack of paragraphs. I know it's an eyesore. The capital letter thing is just a bad habit which I'm now too tired to go back and edit, and the the paragraph thing is due to the fact that I usually write a wall of text when I type a long post (which is rare) and then go in afterwords and insert them. usually, but not this time. sorry. =)

one last thing: How the hell do I get my profile to show my D3 account instead of my long-abandoned WoW account?!
Brilliant post

why doesnt Gosu work for blizzard?

I havent read the whole post but I agree with just about eveything gosu said. I definetly think this article deserves more attention.I respect and appreciated the level of dedication shown by gosu. Gosu should be a forum moderator or something giving feed back to blizzard from the d3 community.
Gosu should be the catalist for change. d3 deffinetly could be even a better game then what it is right now.

+1 for gosu I sure hope a blue reads this
Finally read it all, amazing post.
wow. nice job
My goal for tonight is to read this thing. Dear god I hope I'm still alive by the end of it.

This is the god of textasaurus-rex.
02/27/2013 06:54 PMPosted by ShadowAegis
Sorry but trying to bring back a skill tree with Nephalem Points will not work here. It will be one of the new must haves in order to be the most efficient. All BiS gear will have to have that stat and at near max or max rolls. IMO the new system you propose is gonna be like the +skills stat in D2. Tell me how many players would not use that stat on their gear? I know it is no doubt still the top affix in D2.

The very fact that players are not currently focusing on class specific affixes is evidence enough. NP hasn't even been implemented yet and you're already saying that it's a "must have". Lets agree on two obvious points that, when made, will show you why the system will absolutely work.

First point:

Nephalem Power is implemented and these are 3 examples of available choices to fill with points.

Increases Spirit regeneration by 0.2 per NP point. 0/10 points. (a maximum of +2 spirit regen)

Critical Hits return 0.5 Arcane Power. 0/10 points. (a maximum of +5 AP restored on crit)

Increases Witch Doctor Pet damage by 0.5%. 0/10 points. (maximum of +5% damage increase)

Now tell me, would you want Nephalem Power points if these were the kind of benefits that you'd be gaining? Not a chance in hell you'd be caught dead with a single NP point. What about these?

Second point:

Increases Spirit regeneration by 4 per NP point. 0/10 points. (maximum of +40 spirit regen)

Critical hits return 5 Arcane Power. 0/10 points. (maximum of 50 AP restored on crit)

Increases Witch Doctor Pet damage by 30%. 0/10 points. (maximum of +300% pet damage)

Now let me ask you again, would you want Nephalem Power points if these were the kind of benefits that you'd be gaining? I'm assuming that any rational person would be considered a fool to not stack as many NP points as possible if these were the kinds of benefits you could receive.

So now we both agree that each point is logical am I correct? NP points could be very bad, or they could be incredibly good. Logic tells us that if there can exist absolute reason to not do something with one iteration and absolute reason to DO something with another iteration, then there must be a middle ground somewhere no?

The middle ground is the system of balance that is reached in which players who WANT the points have reason to take them, while players who DO NOT want the points will not automatically suffer an efficiency loss.

Players can have every reason to desire or not desire the points. There is absolutely no reason that says it has to be one way or the other. Nephalem power points will simply serve as an efficient means to grant players class specific bonuses should they desire them. I'm sure that MOST players will want at least a FEW points, but there's absolutely NOTHING wrong with that. Most players want main stat on their gear. Most players need some vitality. Most players have one or more class specific affixes on their current gear right now.

So long as players aren't REQUIRED to focus on acquiring a large amount of one stat in order to attain efficiency, itemization will be in proper working order. This system isn't supposed to suppress player's desire for class affixes, it's supposed to make fulfilling that desire easier, more balanced and more fun, while also increasing the quality of itemization in general.

This way, the developers can include TONS of potential Nephalem Power point skill slots; something that couldn't be accomplished with class specific affixes on items because it flooded the affix pool with far too much specificity. The only argument that can be made against this logic is that having so many options via one affix will be the only catalyst required to draw in "too many" players. While this is partially true and absolutely a cause for concern, I am 100% certain that it can be fully overcome with the implementation of competitive QUALITY affixes as well as proper implementation and balancing of the system. If a player can accomplish something with a certain affix that a few NP points can accomplish in a similar way, then there is little reason to take one over the other. The NP points have the benefit of being able to be relocated in the future to provide other benefits, while the other competitive affix can have a similar benefit in that perhaps its numerical value allows it to serve a certain function better. It is important to remember that there are also other stats present on these items that will influence a player's decision. Also, the value of each affix plays a major role here.

It could be that perhaps the NP system can only work if the points can be placed in a somewhat limited number of ways(5-10). Only testing can tell us if this would be a necessary design choice.

I'm confident that, with proper balancing and implementation, Nephalem Power points can work VERY well.

Also, legendary items can STILL serve as a means of introducing class specific affixes on items. This system works ONLY with legendary items because those items are guaranteed to come with certain affixes. This way, the player knows what they are getting into when shopping for an item. NP points literally accomplish the exact same thing, except in a more efficient and fun way.

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