The Salvation of Diablo 3: A Guide by Gosu

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If you like the OP's ideas so much then you should be supporting games that already have them i.e. PoE (not trolling). The itemization, the crafting, the build diversity, the progression, the challenge, and more exists at an already phenomenal level in that game.

Activision/Blizzard is not going to use resources to make substantial changes to a game they already sold and you should stop convincing yourself that they will. It is quite clear to anyone paying attention to their model that they prioritize producing more content for purchasing or to keep people subscribed than balancing or fixing the content they've already made. That's why you get the absolute joke of a PvP patch that doesn't even have a queuing system when PvP was suppose to be part of the game at launch.
Gosu I'm asking you to do something.
You need to apply to a game company that has history of listening to the players. A newer company perhaps, or find some sponsorship.
We all want Blizzard to be that company, D3 that game, but it's too late for Blizzard to sort thru all the love and better direct the stream of creativity. This company has built it's foundation in the river, a dam, and it can't be changed anymore.

Are you a person who's considered game direction/design? We all assume you can be what saves D3 but not everybody feels up to the daunting task it would be to eat that whole elephant.

Thanks for your revitalizing suggestions. At the very least you can inspire some more positivity upon the forums- a revolution perhaps.
Your thread is great.
Cheers to the hopes of an interesting, creative and fun game!
Read all of it. Very well written and inspiring.
Sorry, I just couldn't hold off from commenting anymore. I'm half way through the second post and I am completely and utterly fascinated. Your idea of the Prime stats on items is ingenious. I felt so incredibly excited when I read about it.


I'll comment more when I've finished reading, but I just had to comment right now. I love it, I love it, I love it. I feel excited and all I can do is pray that Blizzard reads this (and if they don't comment on it, I think you should keep posting it until they do). I can't wait to read the rest! Yay! I haven't even cared this much about this game and had almost written it off as unfixable. You've changed my mind. I <3 you, Gosu.
I've only read through section 1 so far but I just had to log in and say this is by far the best post / collection of suggestions I've read on here by a massive massive margin. The developers would be absolutely crazy not to read through this and hopefully take something away from it. If they did, it might actually make me want to play again for the first time in months. Awesome post.
Thank you so0o0 very much Gosu!

I really am grateful that there are fans out there like you & are not as lazy as me, that put forth the energy to say everything you said. Of course you will get some flack from some fans out there & i even myself don't agree 100% with all you have said, but i'm hoping that most players still playing will agree with .....ohh 90% of what you stated, & your passion & imagination for all your examples is wonderful. great post! lets keep it on most popular forum posts at long as we can.
I only read section 1 so far but I must stop and say WELL DONE.

I hope Blizz takes some serious consideration about the future of this game when they read this. You have some great ideas and this game has become very stale.
I think a really cool stat on items (or even a passive) would be something like:

"Increases Main Stat by X%"

Currently Critical Hit Chance (CHC) is the best way to increase damage in any significant way. Also, it seems like every interesting ability was built around a high CHC to produce its effects (Critical Mass for Wizards, Overpower for Barbarians, or Sweeping Wind for Monks, especially the Cyclone rune to name a few).

Personally I do not like relying on waiting for critical hits to do more damage, even if I do have a high CHC and critical hits happen often for me. I would prefer to just do more damage all the time rather than having to depend on damage spikes to do a lot of damage.

I like how Blizzard buffed rubies in weapons to better compete with Critical Hit Damage (CHD) from emeralds, but average damage still requires high Attack Speed (AS) to be used as effectively as possible.

With the addition of further buffs to Average Damage (AD) in all items and my proposed stat of "Increases Main Stat by X%" I see damage increases falling into 3 major categories:

1) Stacking CHC and CHD

2) Stacking AS and AD

3) Stacking Main Stat and "Increase Main Stat by X%"

This third category is especially helpful for builds that do not require AS, and most of the time hindered by AS such as Zombie Bear spam for Witch Doctors (or any Witch Doctor skill for that matter), Tempest Rush channeling for Monks, and Ray of Frost (Snow Globe build looks like so much fun) or Disintegrate channeling for Wizards.

I would also like to point out that I do understand the strong synergy between AS and CHC, and therefore CHD as well. I would simply like a viable alternative to high CHC and CHD for excellent DPS. I might even go so far as to wish for a day where I can build a viable character completely devoid of all CHC and CHD items. *gasp*


On a separate note I think an epic idea for a Witch Doctor legendary item would be to allow an extra Gargantuan to be summoned, two extra zombie dogs, or the ability to make Fetishes that do not time out (would need a cap on amount summoned for balance). If they were possible on separate pieces instead of being three different legendary off-hands or something that would be even cooler.

After reading the section on Witch Doctor skill balances where the OP mentions the idea of Mass Confusion being able to permanently convert enemies to followers (balanced obviously with a cap and some restrictions on which monsters could be converted) I got really excited.

With that idea, as well as my legendary item ideas, maybe, just maybe my beloved Necromancer Zookeeper build from Diablo 2 could make a glorious return in the form of my Witch Doctor commanding 2 Gargantuans, 6 Zombie Dogs, 8 Fetishes, and 4 converted Hulking Phasebeasts while I sit back and laugh maniacally at the unstoppable force of my army of the undead. That is a world I would like to some day live in. :)


Thanks Gosu for making this thread. There are a lot of great things you mentioned, and hopefully a blue will make their presence known soon enough to confirm that the hard work on this thread has not gone to waste.
Simply posting in an epic thread.

Though the (needed and insprired) itemization changes would cause a ragestorm the likes of which the internet has never seen, this is the best and most well constructed longread on the topic I've seen in my time lurking. Trying to visualize some of the changes made me feel an unfortunately false sense of excitement towards playing this game again. The thing I agree with the most is that the hobbles should be taken off of the characters in terms of power. Couple this with an MP and Plvl System that was endless, interesting, and able to be fine tuned to a players specifications and it would necessarily revitalize the game and allow it to live up the legacy of its predecessors.

Hoping this gets blue attention at the the very minimum. It's not often someone drops such an organized list of free suggestions on how to exponentially improve the experience and legacy of your game into your lap. In the meantime I'll keep tapering my playtime out of boredom and listlessness.

Also happy that this thread is so high on the front page and hasn't been sucked into the crap twister yet.
Great Post!

Well thought out and detailed. You remind me of my own posting and typing, with a tendency to ramble and head off on tangents while trying to give the best description possible. Me Likes.

I have to admit, after reading it, I did something I doubt I am alone in. I scrolled through all 8 pages, not reading the replies, but looking for any blue text. There isn't any yet, but it's only been about a day. *Crosses Fingers*


Businesses like Blizzard surely have individuals as creative as the OP, but they are either outspoken or overruled by the almighty dollar sign (ROI). One easy way to save money and let the creative people have their way is to allow game mods. Many titles have either added great longevity and re-play-ability or added full-on expansions due to modding. Perhaps more importantly, they provide a FREE way for Blizzard to view proof-of-concept mods functioning inside of their own system. They don't even have to analyze the community as much because the modders will do this and implement changes accordingly. Mods can often patch much faster than official patches, allowing them to balance and re-balance again and again until everyone is satisfied.

Then Blizzard plucks the gems from the mods into an expansion.

How off topic am I now? Oh Yah. If we could use mods, and implement affixes and changes mentioned by the OP, more people would rush back to the game than the servers could handle. Perfect or fatally flawed, it would at least create interest and game diversity.
G.O.A.T. post
So, I actually logged into the forums here for the first time in I don't know how long simply because I wanted to thank the OP for taking the time to write out such a well thought-out post detailing most, if not all, of the short comings of D3. My friends and I picked up this game at release and we were all very much looking forward to playing it. The game itself was fairly fun up until about the end of hell, beginning of inferno, and shortly after getting into inferno we all left. I think that a lot of these changes, particularly the ones detailing build diversity and itemization, would go a long way to bringing my friends and I back to playing this game actively. D3 has a lot of potential, and I truly want to enjoy the game, but in it's current iteration it just feels like a waste of time to play. I sincerely hope that this post gets the attention of some of the development team, and leads to good things for the game in the future.
I particularly liked the Supreme Nephalem mode for pvp.
"Before I start, I also want it to be known that I enjoy Diablo 3 and I don’t feel it is a bad game in the slightest. Quite the opposite actually, I think it is a fine and enjoyable game. I do, however feel that it falls quite short of its potential."

It's refreshing to read such an even-minded sentiment that doesn't simply cry failure. Your post was very well thought out and worth every moment spent reading it, even if I didn't agree 100% on everything.

I've just recently started playing D3 again after clearing Inferno solo (tanky barb) a month after the game was launched (6/26/12). I remember it being somewhat difficult and rewarding to beat solo (afterwards helping my friends get their Belial/Diablo kills)...I gradually stopped playing afterwards as I wasn't too fond of the grinding-for-better-gear-in-order-to-grind-for-better-gear-faster endgame. The Paragon system (and maybe getting my DH to 200k w/o steady aim) has given me a small personal goal, but I'm honestly not sure how long my interest will last.

I hope someone with any semblance of authority within Blizzard reads the initial post. Maybe implement some of the bigger changes in an expansion? Cheers Gosu, here's to a better D3!

Great read, good points! LETS SEE IT BLIZZARD!
Finally finished reading it all. Phew! But what incredibly fascinating and innovative read it was! You are truly creative and I was thrilled by absolutely everything I read. Every new idea you introduced got my heart racing slightly faster and got me more and more excited for what a mind-blowingly good game this game could become. This is coming from a "hater" of the game who has quit and restarted and quit again numerous times, each time feeling slightly more despondent and frustrated than the time before. The final ideas you posted really were especially thrilling to read, but all of it was just so solid and will without a shadow of a doubt make this game massively enjoyable to play.

I don't even know what else to say. I've been left quite speechless to be honest. Your ideas are superb, and I would love more than anything to play the version of the game you have suggested. I would like to play this game again - the gameplay is great, but it is fundamentally flawed and quite dull to play. With your systems in place, the game will gain new life and longevity.

I really, really, REALLY hope that Blizzard reads this and takes it into consideration. There's no reason they shouldn't, but they have ignored their community before. But this post must be constantly reposted until Blizzard takes note of it and implements absolutely everything you've suggested. It's all just so perfect.

+100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 x999999999999999999999999999^9999999999999999999999999999999 (pretty much the biggest number ever)

You are a genius, I love it and I love you for writing this. Yes yes YES!!!!!

Gosu for president!
your itemization ideas are amazing. I will have to read the rest tomorrow (running on 3 hours sleep) but from what i read (first 2 sections) wow why don't you work for blizzard yet?
The Forums were critted for 9000....0000..........

great post........passion that it seems the devs are lacking can be seen in the players.....
FAAAALLCCOONNN BUMMMPPPPP!!! +1111111111111111!!!111111111111

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