Why ps4 version will offer a more enjoyable exp for me

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I did not get my own laptop until mid December which is when i bought diablo 3. I personally absolutely love the game and played until level 43, when i found out there was a way to get my character to level 60. So i never experienced a full 1-60 play-through and now that i have my DH i feel like it would be a complete waist of time to try and do a full play-through. I missed out on that experience as well as the excitement of being able to be part of the community as players begin to find inferno/hell equipment. PS4 will offer this for everyone again. That !@#$ty legendary you send to be salvaged before identifying will be a cool find. I can also now play on my beautiful TV rather than my laptop. I just don't see why there are SO MANY people bashing this. In all reality, the PC version was not altered or pre determined by a future console release, There were two separate teams working on two separate platforms. Blizzard has made a quality game here and yet people continue to ragee. I have never played a game where i can make money either, whether it be 25 cents or 250$. If legendary's dropped more there would be a diminishing excitement level in finding them,,

In my own opinion, and situation as a player i can not wait for this game to be released to a platform, and be able to feel the excitement of starting off in the same spot as everyone else.
blizzard says there weas 2 seperate teams but does that change the fact that this was made to be a console game
as i play through this game there is nothing that makes this game "feel" like it was a console game. they are changing the layout of how the game plays in a lot of areas for the console
Keep in mind, you can't tailored console game with PC AH loot drop chance. Better loot drop is a certainty for console minded player and offline mode, no worry about AH economy.

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