How much Lifesteal is enough?

I'm looking to upgrade my echoing fury for another one that either has high damage and str with socket, or high damage and crit damage with socket. However, whenever I do MP10 and Ubers, I find myself always switching to 2 weapons with LS, so I kinda feel it would be a waste of gold to upgrade to a fury w/out LS since I won't be using it for most of the stuff I do. I switch between and IK belt that gives the LS and a witching hour that gives me almost 10k more damage. Any thoughts on how much LS is enough in your experiences? Last night I switched bloodthirst passive for superstition and used IK belt with 2 LS weapons and seemed to have an easier time doing MP10 key runs.. Thanks for you advice!
I use 6% for ubers with 2150 loh. If that's your unbuffed dps(220k), 6% should be more then enough, but I DW and have 2.1/2.6 attack speed. Using a skorn mite be a little different.

Nice shoulders you crafted. I got my gloves on 2nd roll. still working on better shoulders and a trifecta ammy.
as a dw barb 3% seems sketchy at times but with rend/blood lust it seems to be all the life steal I'll ever need. Without rend i'd say 6% minimum.
How much LS is definitely dependent on your damage and to a lesser degree attack speed.

Im fine at 5.9%
my skorn has 5.7 and that seem like enough for me. however my damage is close to 200,000 -- so the higher your damage the less life steal you need. Especially if you use rend (blood lust).
I run with 5.5% LS with DW and it's plenty for me on MP10 without any deaths... figure if it works for that then it's good for anything.
I run MP6 farming with only 3 and 6 for MP10 ubers.
I am doing MP6 with 5.2% Life steal. Zero life regen. Zero LOH. It is comfortable. When I uber I use LS EF and change Blood Thirst to Supersition. There are times when I forget to swap from Supersition to Blood Thirst when farming, but seems like 2.2% is still alright on MP6.
@hambone- Nice gloves man! Yeah, I got lucky on those shoulders, and I actually have a different ammy that gives me str, vit, 80 resist, crit damage, and crit chance, but the one I have on gives me more damage hahah

I actually dual yield most of the time, this skorn I just found and was messing around with it just for something different. What I really want to do is wear my gear that gives me ~220k damage, 610 resists, ~55-60k life, and 6% LS with my fury and passive. Im just wondering if I could lose the LS on my fury and get a better one for more damage.. I kind of feel like Im going to need LS on one of my weapons tho.. Also, my AS is 2.20-2.37 I believe? Thanks for the input guys!
And if any of you ever want to do ubers, key runs, or just talk gear and builds, please add me! (I'll be on after work at 4pm eastern time USA haha)
Also, Im thinking about getting either an SOJ or an Unity, any thoughts? Im leaning towards unity cuz I want to see the paper damage haha but SOJ 30% bonus vs elites is pretty awesome..

My goal would be to have over 200k dmg WITH a SOJ
@ KainDraven-Nice fury! That's kinda what im looking to upgrade to.. Either that or swap out str with crit damage..idk which is better..
i run 8.9% LS. but thats also because i have low health and i dont like to kite.

i can get away with not using blood thirst if i have a cm wiz with me.
im doing fine with 5.8, but when i solo khule siege at mp10 i put my LS echoing fury one, for everything else is fine. It depends on ur dps and mitigation, i remember i couldnt do it before with less dps and mitigation.
attack speed helps too, more so cause ur hota with skorn it seems.

just insane... I was thinking how I could incorporate 2 piece nats set into my gear, and sure enough this guy did it! GODDDLLYYY GEAR!
Don't compare urself to aether. He's rich and geared. We look at own limitations and gear accordingly.

One advice - don't ever gear in such a way that you need bloodthirst imo since that passive slot could be used for better purpose. It will also cause difficultly in gearing options.

Having ls on ur weps which have the required dmg/cd /socket /stats is expensive but it's cost effective in a long run. My philosophy of upgrading is if you wanna get a good item.. get the best u can afford. Bis items depreciate slower tHan mid tier anyway.
Well, I upgraded... hahahah
I went ahead and chose the LS route.. It was a tough decision on buying a fury with LS or with CD and str.. CD and str wouldve given me +~30k dmg over the ~15k I get from the fury with LS I acquired.. My thought was that Im going to need the LS for Ubers and higher mps, which is 95% of what I do. So the LS seemed to make more sense IMO.. I'm happy with the upgrade, but of course I'm always looking for more.. haha I never played D1 or D2, and I have to say, Im really having fun with this game! Cheers!
@ Lightofeast- Nice gloves BTW
Besides the increased LS you are going for I would suggest that you roll some gloves and shoulders with new strength crafting plans. I personally just changed my Tasker and Theos and shoulders over the weekend and saw huge DPS increases.
02/28/2013 08:48 AMPosted by Knightmare
@ KainDraven-Nice fury! That's kinda what im looking to upgrade to.. Either that or swap out str with crit damage..idk which is better..

Thank you. I almost pooped my pants when I unid that. It got me away from my skorn, not that I didn't like my skorn, but After DW I'll never go 2h again.

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