Arcane Orb

I like the Arcane Orb skill, but can't really figure out a good way to consistently use it. With 36% crit chance and 26 APoC I can only get off 4-5 obliteration orbs before running out of AP.

If I use tap the source, I can get off maybe 8 or so. Even 8 casts seems weak to me considering I can cast disintegrate almost continuously for only 30% less damage. Also disintegrate will pretty much be guaranteed to hit whatever I aim at. Orbs are so slow half of them miss. That's just a lot of wasted AP.

With that said I still do like the idea of a classic "fireball" type spell and this fits the bill. Is this basically a skill where you just need to have a lot of AP, crit, and APoC, to be effective, or is there some other tricks I am missing to make this spell more usable.
If you use skills like prism, energy tap, power of the storm, you should be able to fire off a ton of tap the sources. This skill is pretty much broken because like you said, disintegrate is way better, star pact is way better, archon is way way way better. The only use I can think of is using celestial orb + temporal flux as a snare the same way you would use blizzard. But blizzard hits way harder and costs roughly the same AP. So yeah, like I said, broken skill,
I have tried it with 20 apoc and 75 % arcane orb crit. It is sustainable with tap the source but still very Sub par even at 300 K dps I would not bother trying to make it work unless Blizzard really Buffs it. To even be considered it needs 400 % damage or 350 and a 20 yard radius
Don't even bother with it. Arcane Orb is broken. PTR lengthy feedback was given, and it was ignored until a later date if Blizzard decides to revisit Arcane Orb. Compared to the monk spender buffs in this patch, Arcane Orb got the shaft. Going from base 175 to 200 was not a useful buff.

The whole skill needs to be redone, but Blizzard will say that they just buffed it.

However, they did mention that they will be looking at ways to help AP.

Don't hold your breath for a total redo of Arcane Orb.
It's really a pity too. AO - Celestial Orb is my favorite wizard skill and I would love for it to be even semi-viable but unless you're running MP0 with 200k DPS just about every other skill is better. Even some of the sig spells do about the same damage per cast. At least it was fun back when kiting was the rave.
Meanwhile they buff skills like CoB by ludicrous amount. I too find AO very fun to play with, and have been trying to give it a chance these past few days. Sure it will never live up to an archon or SNS build (not in its current state thats for sure), but you can make it work. But yeah, if you compare it to other spenders I think it should be doing around 350-400% wd, and even have its proc coefficients slightly raised, although combined with living lighting and prodigy AP is not really an issue.

I dream of a day classes will have more than 2 builds to choose from, and the wizard passives will no longer be a joke. Maybe with the upcoming nerfs to wiz and barbs they will be compeled to take a serious look at some of the dead skills.
AO's damage is way too low. This causes 2 problems. Can't kill stuff fast enough, and can't heal enough to survive with LS since LS is dependent on damage dealt. What made them think 200% weapon damage was adequate is beyond me, especially with it's ridiculous AP cost.

The only semi-useful rune is Arcane Orbit, and only when used to compliment a build rather than revolving a build around it (heh). But even then it's overshadowed by things like Blizzard, Magic Weapon, Sparkflint, etc.

For low MP stuff I guess Arcane Orb can be okay, but almost everything else is a better option. If you just really, really like the spell for some reason you can use it, but don't expect to kill anything at a decent rate past like MP5 or so.
Well, I got ahold of a fairly high end "The Oculus" with 8%cc for AO and -4s teleport and have been playing around with a AO centered build for the past couple of days and it feels great.

The current build and items can be seen here: - I'm still debating whether Arcane Dynamo is a good choice or not, maybe temporal flux instead of it, but I kinda like the extra dmg, in particular against elites since in this case i'll be using ray of frost.

I must say that it feels a lot more like a Wizard to be teleporting around, throwing orbs, and actually being concerned about your AP, than when I play boring archon or broken SNS. I play around on mp5-6 reasonably effectively, while I'm fully aware I'm not being as efficient as I would be with an archon or SNS build, I'm glad to give it up in return of a fun and different play style.

If anyone has any suggestions or have tried something similar and would like to share I would very much appreciate it.
I've been experimenting with an Arcane Orb build farming act 1 MP10 and it works just fine,, Try using Arcane Nova rune which increases the radius to 20 yards this will improve everything from resource regeneration and also life steal because of the huge amount of mobs you can hit - its much better than tap the source. Assuming you guys have 25+ Apoc and items with +crit chance to arcane orb such as skull grasps, offhands,maras you'll replenish your arcane pool - again the 20 yard radius makes a big difference. Also some good spells with this build are wave of force and time bubble. Wave of fore is good because you can use it to knock enemies back into the main cluster of monsters so that you always have the monsters in a large mob for arcane orb to benefit from, its a very good crowd control mechanism. I don't even have a maras with + arcane orb or a good skull grasp and I get good crit especially with Nova. I only have an off hand with +arcane orb.

Another thing, the base radius for AO is 10 yards where Arcane Nova rune bumps it to 20 yards. I personally think the base radius needs to be 15 not 10. 10 yards is just way too small where the 20 yard radius literally flips the spell upside down into a massive AoE spell that makes you lawl at monster packs but again 10 yards too small bump it up to 15 yard base radius

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