Would you be upset if MP1+ stopped dropping blue items?

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Recently, game designer Travis Day responded to a long post about the game and discussed various changes they are considering in the future. You can read it about it here:


One of the things he said there caught my eye. He said: "... we agree that too many items drop and we have plans to eventually reduce the rate that players see items, while also taking measures to improve the general quality of items you do see. The end result should be fewer items that are better instead of tons of items you don’t want."

So, there are various ways to address this, but one would be to simply eliminate blue items from the game MP1 and higher. Would that upset you? I know some collect the blues for gold, but if they just dropped as gold piles instead, wouldn't that be better? Can anyone think of an item that dropped that was BLUE being used on an end game character??
When the game was released, around 1.0.2 -1.0.3 a blue was close to endgame.
There was a little known game that did this very well. Dungeon runners from NCsoft.

It had this option where you can set the grades of items to be automatically picked up and converted to gold.
Honestly just scrap whites, blues, rare shoulders, helms, pants, boots, bracers, belts, and chests, because they are pointless now and raw proof of how terrible the itemization truly is.
Would be nice if you get less items but with higher quality the higher the MP level is you play on.

Just saying, that way you would get more rewards for playing higher difficulties, because seriously we all know that the high MP levels are the new endgame ...
At least lose whites and grays they are just wasting space.
This is another item that they should have been able to fix a LONG time ago but I think it's still around because so many more serious problems are takign up their time. Which is a sad pathetic thing in my mind..

I think any suggestion to auto-convert to gold is acceptable. Most people ignore these items but they are also people who buy gold and or have found a big ticket lottery win item. Some of us don't have a buttface load full of gold and pick up stuff occasionaly.

I'm not 12 and I have mild arthritis in my joints so I pick up these items not only for the gold but also as it forces me to go to town and take a short - very short click-wrist-swipe-click break.

That only works though in a solo game.. but it's what I do to let me play longer. Still having said all that I hate that at my level there are any whites at all, and also that I have to preview blues to make sure I don't pick up a 65 gold value blue on MP7 Act 3

I mean seriously...? I have almost 500 MF and I get 63 gold value blues and whites...???

(This is not a statement on MF values, that number is an ancillary result of my gear, not my items by choice as such)
Sure why not... blues are worthless anyways.

I still don't understand why white or grey items ever dropped to begin with. It's not like in Diablo 2 where certain whites and greys (which were socketed items back then) actually had some value or could be used in one way or another. In D3 there literally is not a SINGLE use for white/grey items. They don't even sell for anything.
I do not think so, simply because they can be salvaged into extra essences that can either be used in crafting or selling on the AH for gold.
Completely stopping it probably isn't such a good idea but having the option of turning them off would be great.
I read numerous posts everyday about how gold poor everyone is and yet most ignore the value of blues. I've been vendoring blues since day 1 and I always have plenty of gold.

Why is the answer always the same, make the game easier. Blues have to be picked up and vendored, this is just to much work, just give me the money.

Why don't you just ask for 10 million gold when the game starts, 10 million whenever you kill a monster, 10 million when you go to town, 10 million when you change acts and 10 million when you stop playing for the day?

Why play the game at all?
Make Crude, Damaged, and Normal white items just white, and eliminate the blues staggering out from beginning to end of game.

D3 has no click friendly item "Name" option, and picking up junk is inevitable in an onslaught. Tossing out all those excess crude versions and weaning out blues would certainly allow me to spend less time tossing stuff out of my inventory. I have to do it constantly.
Removing blues would just be a cosmetic change. In the end the best items will still be hard to find. Because that's simply what keeps people playing. Making good items drop more frequently is not how this game will improve.

However, I do agree that the purpose of blue items at this point has become nothing but vendor or crafting material. But removing them serves no purpose. Because the blue items are not the problem, it's the low quality of the yellow items and legendary items which needs to be addressed.
@Slay picking up everything is a good idea if playing solo, but most people play multiplayer mode and as such stopping an running back and forth to the town constantly will cause you to miss out on drops and few want to risk that. thus the average person only loots rare and better.

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