How to tell which is better?

AS=1.78 +.24 & 10% and + 41 Dmg. on weapon with 1251 Dmg. & Avg. Dmg. of 703 or
AS=1.75 +.21 & 10% and + 48 Dmg. on weapon with 1246 Dmg. & Avg. Dmg. of 712?
I'm using Chantodo's gear, play with MP 3-5 and still can't stay alive to gain the Hellfire ring.
I respect the Knowledge I see in this forum and appreciate any help. It really sucks to find out something you've bought was a waste of gold.
1.78 with 1251 is better, unless u rely heavily on meteor or archon (which i don't think that's the case) for dps output. Even that, the difference between 712 and 703 is neglectable

A simple way to decide weapon dps VS dph is if your skill has long cd and can't cast constantly, then go with the higher DPH weapon ( the best example is DH's spike trap), for all 0 cd or low cd skills, your actual dmg output will be the same with weapons of the same dps no matter whether u use a low dph high attack speed or a high dph at lower attack speed. And in this case, cm wiz should go for faster weapon as it gives better loh and other benefit (such as go over attack speed break point, faster cd refresh, etc).

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