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The Thief's Hand
Legendary Gloves

- One of 3 magic properties
------ +100-150 Strength
------ +100-150 Dexterity
------ +100-150 Intelligence
- 25-50% Better Chance of Finding Magic Items
- 25-50% Extra Gold from Monsters
- Increases Health and Gold Pickup Radius by 10-15 yards
- Increases Attack Speed by 5-10%
- Critical Hit Chance Increased by 5.0-10.0%
Bloodfist Gauntlets
Legendary Gloves

- +150-250 Armor
- +200-250 Vitality
- Each Hit adds 250-500 Life
- Regenerates 200-300 Life per Second
- 2.00-2.50% Damage Dealt Converted to Life
- 15.0-20.0% Chance to Make Enemies Bleed for 90% Weapon Damage for 3 Seconds
Deadly Knock
Legendary Gloves

- +10-15% Damage to Ranged Attacks
- +50-70 Resistance to All Elements
- One of 3 magical properties
------ +100-180 Strength
------ +100-180 Dexterity
------ +100-180 Intelligence
- Increases Attack Speed by 10-15%
- 10.0-20.0% Chance to Knock Back Enemies on hit
- 10.0-20.0% Chance to Paralyze Enemies for 2 Seconds on hit
Molten Manacles
Legendary Gloves

- +8-10% Damage as Fire
- +200-250 Fire Resist
- Absorb 10-15% Fire Damage as Life
- One of 3 Magical Properties
------ +80-100 Strength
------ +80-100 Dexterity
------ +80-100 Intelligence
- +10-15% Life
- 20.0-30.0% Chance to Burn Enemies for 40% Weapon Damage as Fire for 2 Seconds
Unfettered Hide
Legendary Armor

- +10-20% Defense
- +80-120 Resistance to All elements
- +5000-10000 Life
- All Damage Reduced by 5-10%
- When Reduced Below 20% Total Life, All Damage is Reduced by 50% for 5 Seconds. Cannot occur more than once every 90 Seconds.
O Empty Socket
O Empty Socket
O Empty Socket
Muse of the Magi
Legendary Armor

- +100-250 Defense
- +70-80 Resistance to All elements
- +200 Intelligence
- +50-100 Vitality
- +1 Intelligence per Paragon Level
- One of 2 sets of magic properties
------ Maximum Arcane Power Increased by 30-50 (Wizard Only)
------ Increases Arcane Power Regeneration by 20-25 per Second (Wizard Only)
------ or
------ Maximum Mana Increased by 120-150 (Witch Doctor Only)
------ Increases Mana Regeneration by 30-40 per Second (Witch Doctor Only)
Infiltrator's Garb
Legendary Armor

- +200-300 Dexterity
- +100-150 Vitality
- +1 Resistance to All Elements per Paragon Level
- Critical Hit Chance Increased by 5.0-10.0%
- Movement Speed Increased by 20%
- 30% Chance to cast Smoke Screen when hit
Legendary Armor

- +400-500 Armor
- One of 3 magic properties
------ +100-200 Strength
------ +100-200 Dexterity
------ +100-200 Intelligence
- +2500-5000 Life After Each Kill
- +200-250 Cold Resistance
- 10-15% Chance to reflect 50% Melee Damage back to Attackers
- Slain Enemies have a 20-30% Chance to Explode dealing 30% of their Total Life in Damage to nearby enemies.
Robes of Ormus
Legendary Armor

- +100-150 Defense
- +10-20% Damage to Fire Skills
- +10-20% Damage to Cold Skills
- +10-20% Damage to Lightning Skills
- Increases Attack Speed by 10-15%
- Increases Arcane Power Regeneration by 20-30 per Second (Wizard Only)
Paragon Ward
Legendary Armor

- +2 Defense per Paragon Level
- +2 Vitality per Paragon Level
- +1 Resistance to All Elements per Paragon Level
- Increases Damage Against Elites by 5-10%
- Reduces Damage From Elites by 5-10%
O Empty Socket
O Empty Socket
O Empty Socket
I'd be keen to hear more Legendary ideas from you guys, as well as opinions on the suggestions that other players have already made.

Let's get creative all up in here! :)
These are my suggestions for game changing legends. I'm still updating the original post (first link) as I get new ideas for legs. The aim's to make at least one for each slot.

What my items are trying to accomplish is that, by not using the common dps and survivability affixes, or applying them into an unusual fashion; builds, underpowered skills, and play-styles can be produced. You could say that these items are intended to provide a new way of looking into the old affixes and/or being good alternatives to current BiS. Item's that you could build your skill's and char around them.
Ghoom's Severed Gut: (Legendary Belt)
Armor: 265-305. Item Level: 63.

.Increase Chance of Finding a Health Globe By: 25-45%.
.Health Globes and Potions Grant 7500-15000 life.
.Increases Gold and Health Pickup Radius By 15-35 Yards.
.Wearer is Immune to Poison Damage.
.Ghoom's Glutony*.
.Ghoom's Never Ending Famine*1.

*. Every time the wearer consumes a health globe and is healed by it there's a 25% of Ghoom's Severed Gut spawning a stationary Poison Cloud of 5 yards. The Cloud deals 1500% weapon damage over 10 secs as Poison damage type. If a creature's killed within the cloud it's spawns an adjacent Cloud with the same properties. Each cannot spawn more then 2 other Clouds in this way. Clouds cannot stack upon each other.

*1. When inside of a Poison Cloud the wearer recieves a 5% movement bonus. Futhermore, every time the wearer consumes a health globe and is healed by it he/she gains 1% movement speed to a maximum of 15%. The bonus last 10 secs and is reset by consuming a health globe. The increased speed of both bonuses is not counted towards the movement cap.

The stench is revolting to my guts; felling it wrapped around my belly, trying to free itself brings an intense chilling to my spine; the sight of it's almost unbearable to my eyes; the sounds that it makes as it consumes my foes is nightmarish, and yet I feel depply attached to it, a viceral feeling; not mentioning I've never been this hungry my whole life.
Arreat's Sacred Striders (Legendary Boots)
Armor: 309-355. Item Level: 63. (The artwork should be that of the astral greaves.)

.10-20% Life.
.10% Chance of Casting Ground Stomp/Wrenching Smash When Hit.
.5% Chance of Casting Earthquake/Chilling Earth When Hit.
.Immune to Frozen and Cold Damage.
.All Creatures In a Radius of 15-20 Yards Have Their Movement Speed Decreased by Half.
.The Sacred Pledge.*

*. Whenever the wearer takes damage equal or more then 15% of his health pool, an Ancient Barbarian Ghost is summoned. The base damage of the Ghost will be 60% of the wearer. It will randomly spawn with 1 out 5 abillities: Weapon Throw/Ricohet; Seismic Slam/Rumble; Rend/Ravage; HoTA/Birthright; Whirlwind/Dust Devils. All abilities damage correspond to that of the skill. The Ghosts last until they're killed. No more then 5 Ghosts can be active simultaenously.
[The Ghosts share the same traits as a Wd Zombie Dog]

The Spirit Clan was the guardian of all the tribes ancestors, the keepers of their souls; forever bounded to Arreat. The leader and most revered amongst them was the elder shaman. Whevever great peril approached the mountain, he would travel around Arreat, his footsteps awakening the tribes spirits to the coming battle, after all Death was nothing compared to their oath.
The Shadow Matrix (Legendary Tiara)
Armor:397-457. Item Level: 63. (Artwork: A small black stone attached to the wearer's forehead.)

.12-24% Movement Speed.
.025-050 Attacks per Second.
.Increases Damage Against Elites by 25-50%
.Slippery Shadow.*
.Shadow Infusion.*1
.Shadow Blood.*2

*. Whenever the wearer is subject to a control impairing effect or curse there's 25% chance that it will be negated. When it happens the wearer also gains a 50% movement speed boost for 2 seconds.

*1. Whenever the wearer is hit there's a 5% chance of the shadow infusion to be activated. For 15 secs. the wearer gains immunity to physical damage and 25% resistance to other damage types. Every attack has 10% chance to kill any non-elite/rare monster it hits, regardless of the damage. Whenever a creature's killed that way it explodes dealing 180% weapon damage to everyone in 15 yard radius. The Shadow Infusion ability cannot be activated more then once every 45 seconds.
[the wearer's appearance become similar to Shadow Power/Gloom but without the green wings].

*2. Critical Hit Chance and Critical Hit Damage bonuses provided by: Gear, Passives and Skills, aren't applied to the wearer's overall damage. All bonuses provided by the Wearer's Gear are instead, converted as following: All Critical Hit Chance in gear is converted to Min-Max Damage on ratio of 1%=1-10 damage. And critical Hit Damage in gear is converted on the ratio of 50%=150 life regeneration, 100 armor, 10 all resistance.
[Critical Hit % still applies to crit calculating effects such as BF:ItF, Vengeance, Critical Mass, etc...]

The Shadow, The Darkness, The Abyss. All different names to the same Entity. It isn't necessarily evil as The Light isn't necessarily good. They are just parts of this universe's Creation, one feeding the other, in the never ending cycle we call Life. It's way, The Shadow Way, of 'loving' those that embrace it is to infuse it's very essence onto them. Therefore to choose that path, that love, is to become par of the Shadow itself. Choose carefully, young one, but choose with your soul. For there's no coming back after you've choosen.


M'avina's Deflectors (Legendary Bracers)
Armor: 220-253. Item Level: 63.

.15% Chance to Dodge. (Not subject to diminishing returns).
.400-750 Armor.
.Increases Gold and Health Pickup Radius 20-25 Yards.
.M'avina's Strategical Retreat.*
.M'avina's Counter-Attack.*1
.M'avina's Deflection.*2

*. Whenever the wearer takes damage that would otherwise kill he/she, that damage is negated and the wearer backflips 20 yards. After the flip the wearer gains invulnerability for 2 secs. That effect cannot be triggered more then once per minute.

*1. Whenever the wearer dodge's a melee attack there's a 10% chance that a counter-attack will be iniciated. If the monster is not an elite/boss/rare it's automaticaly killed. Elites/Bosses/Rares that are hit take 100% weapon damage and are stunned for 2 secs.

*2. Whenever the wearer is subject to a ranged attack and dodge's it the projectile is thrown back at the attacker. The maximum reach of the counter attack's determined by your pickup radius.

Instead of blabbering about how many arrows per minute you can shoot, or how far can you throw your javelin young one, know that, in combat, the first rule's to stay alive. A dead Amazon can't kill anything.
I'd be keen to hear more Legendary ideas from you guys, as well as opinions on the suggestions that other players have already made.

Let's get creative all up in here! :)

Can we change "old" legendary items? I would love a Frosties vs Magefist dilemma for some characters.
I would really like to see rares and legendary's be able to roll double stats as one of their affixes.

For example:

Example Amulet
+220-300 strength
+220-300 strength ( Double roll)
+220-300 vit
+80 All resist
+5 To Pick Up radius

Would give more emphasis on stats.
Cosmic Rod:
This item opens up a portal to another universe that looks similar to Horazon's Sanctuary from D2. In this universe, you'll have to battle powerful enemies that are the equivalent of the Act 4 enemies of whatever difficulty level you're on. These enemies should look alien, not demonic. It'd offer some variety for experience grinding, and every time you use this item, it would refresh the cosmic level, so you can keep your 5 stacks of Nephalem Valor and keep playing for more and more experience, gold, and items.
mjolnir: Hammer drops epic legendary beam shines up, player is unable to pick it up.

(edit) actually... make it only able to be picked up by paragon 100
Ancient's Honor (Barbarian Set):
(2) set:
3% life steal
1% chance to reset the cool down for Call of the Ancients when hit
Ancients Blessing (display arua)

Korlic's Tremor:
1 handed mighty weapon
(450 or <) - (915 or <) cold damage
25-50% weapon damage
100-200 strength
50-100 critical hit damage
1 open socket
1-10 second reduction on leap's cool down
1-10% chance to cause an earthquake after leaping
1% chance to summon Korlic when hit
"this weapon has been modified into a one handed weapon because no man was said to be strong enough to hold Korlic's mighty pole arm"

Madawc's Throwing Axe:
1 handed axe
(450 or <) - (915 or <) lightening damage
25-50% weapon damage
100-200 strength
50-100 critical hit damage
1 open socket
1-10 reduced fury cost for weapon throw
+20-50% weapon throw damage
1% chance to summon Madawc when hit
"A tremendous throwing axe that was once wielded in every battle fought by the "warrior prophet" Madawc."

Talic's Fiery Wind:
1 handed sword
(450 or <) - (915 or <) firedamage
25-50% weapon damage
100-200 strength
50-100 critical hit damage
1 open socket
+8-12% critical hit chance to whirlwind
10% chance to cast a Tornado on attack
1% chance to summon Talic when hit
"Fire viscously whirls itself around this blade, resembling Talic's fiery rage and the winds of his home towns Western Shores"

Ancient's Pledge:
Offhand Shield
9% increased chance to block
5% reduced damage from elites
100-200 strength
5-6% increased attack speed
71-80 all resistances
100 Crit Damage
10% chance to cast "revenge" when hit
1 random property
One of 3 Magic properties:
1% chance to summon Korlic when hit
1% chance to summon Madawc when hit
1% chance to summon Talic when hit
"A shield imbued with the powers from a long forgotten language; the word "Ral-Ort-Tal" is inscribed on 3 stones in the centre of this shield"

I didnt get to creative with the weapons differences/names/stories are corny but you get the idea, its all about %chances and skill reductions

I'd like to see some new set/legendary gloves maybe:

Fletcher's Master Piece (Demon Hunter Set)
(2) Set Bonus:
150 Dexterity
3% Life Steal
10% Chance for arrows to pierce

Fletcher's Arrow's
100-150 Dexterity
100-150 Vitality
15% Increased Attack Speed
1-1.33 Hatred Regeneration
9-10% Crit Chance
1 of 2 random properties:
+0.1-0.2 Attacks per Second
25-75% Crit Damage
"An Demon Hunter's arrow is as important as his weapon, you won't find any better arrows then what a master fletcher can provide."

Fletcher's Yugake:
25-(40-75) Average Damage
140-180 Dexterity
5-8.5% Crit Chance
20-45% Crit Damage
% Skill Bonus to 1 of ANY:) of the DH Skills
2 Random Properties
"Some Fletcher's go beyond the trade of crafting arrows, some are incredible tanners and tailors. Capable of creating gloves custom tailored to your very needs."

Peaceful Repose (Monk Set):
(2) Set:
3% Life Steal
6 to Spirit regeneration
50% Chance to cast Breathe of heaven at 25% Health (internal CD, please dont make it too long)
Serenity (display aura)

Tzo Krin's Guiding hand
200-300 Dexterity
329-479 Life on Hit
50-80 All Resistances
8-9% Increased Attack Speed
7.5-10 Crit Chance
1 Random Property
"Tzo Krin will guide you too inner peace."

Erlang Shen's Presence
241-265 Armor
200-300 Dexterity
50-80 All Resistances
100-200 Life per Spirit Spent
6-10% Damage Reduced from Elites
25% Chance to spawn:
2 Random properties
"Erlang Shen's presences was said to lift the weight of the world, and felt like he was always just over your shoulder"

Kurast Council's Revenge (Witch Doctor Set):
(2) Set Bonus:
20 Mana Regeneration
150 Intelligence
3% Life Steal
10% Chance to cast:
10% Chance to reset the cooldown for:
when struck

Ismail's Vile Hand:
150-225 Intelligence
75-125 Vitality
50-80 All Resistances
8-10% Crit Chance
2 random properties
100% more Damage to:
1-10% chance to cast:
when struck
"Ismail served on the Kurast Council until being dispatched by the band of heroes that saved Sancturary 10 years ago(I think D2 took place before then)"

Wyand Voidbringer's Head:
offhand Mojo
(28-110)-(29-405) Damage
150-185 Intelligence
90-135 Vitality
105-119 Maximum Mana
10-11 Mana Regeneration
7.5-8.5% Crit Chance
8-9% Increased Attack Speed
2 Random properties
1-10% chance to cast:
when struck
"Wyand's head was severed by the Paladin that followed The Dark Wanderer down into the Durance of Hate. A strange frail looking man wearing a stranger mask had asked him to retrieve it"

Akara's Knowledge (Wizard Set):
(2) Set Bonus:
10% Cold Damage
10 Arcane Power on Crit
150 Intelligence
0.2 Attacks per Second
3% Life Steal

Akara's Guard:
150-225 Intelligence
329-479 Life on Hit
8-9% Increased Attack Speed
7.5-10 Crit Chance
2 Random Properties
1-10% Chance to cast:
when struck
"Akara honed her senses in her older age to protect her self"

Akara's Ring:
(22-34)-(44-68) Average Damage
100-200 Intelligence
90-125 vitality
8-9% Increased Attack Speed
2-6% Crit Chance
2 random properties
1-10% Chance to cast:
when struck
"Akara was a master of sorcecrory and was feared by many because of her power"
For starters they need to make the 3piece nat bonus give CC not 2 piece. Tired of these frontin CM rockin 3 pieces of dex gear (inna and nat boots/ring).
Also lol at some of these CLEARLY OP items. Revamping is one thing. Making these would just turn former sets obsolete.

Also- bring back the Smite skill and shields no longer are obsolete! MORE GOLD SINK YAAAAAAY!!!

Hell if you made shields which provided auras, Attack % increase, LoH, or AS they could even be useful to everyone!
Odyssey: Golden Circlet/Helm

+Pickup Radius
+Health Globe Bonus
+Exp Bonus

1 Random Property
Alchemist Shield
900-1100 armor
+10-20% chance to block
3 sockets

One of the following
+200 strength if 3 different in each socket
+200 dex if 3 different in each socket
+200 int if 3 different in each socket

chance to drop gold when hit
+ Life regen
Spike Thorn

-Too corrupt for the Templar.
-Enveloped by an Aura of Thorns.
-2000-3500 Physical damage to attackers.
One of three magical attributes
-Strength 170-200
-Dexterity 170-200
-Intelligence 170-200
71-90 All resistances
+2 Magic attributes.

("Enveloped by an Aura of Thorns" gives the user and all nearby allies the old "Reflects Damage" affix while equipped)
Demon Hunter Set:
The Hunters Path

Set Bow:
The Hunter's Fury:

1000-1433 dps
+170 to +200 Dexterity
15% Damage to Demons
10-30% Chance to Pierce
50-70% Crit Damage

Set Quiver:
The Hunter's Calm
+170-250 Dexterity
+50-100 Vitality
+15-18% Attack Speed
+10-20 Max Discipline
+Reduces the cooldowns on Skills by 25-50%
+1 Random Property

Set Bonus:
Reduces the Hatred cost of Skills by 15%
Increases all damage done when Shadow Power is active by 25%
5% Life Steal
Shadow Power no longer returns damage done as life.
Portable hole. 2 versions come to mind. One goes thru walls. One stores gear in your personal stash space. Limit 1account bound.
How about instead of having hundreds of item ideas be written down and forgotten

you guys just go ahead and create some?
Invisibility ring

Allows you to be invisible until your first attack/technique. Then all monsters/players in sight can see you.
First off... why was this post deleted - started a new thread but I guess I will put my idea here...? Is this too good of an idea or can I just not find my original post(nope it got deleted...)?

The update should also include "Super Rare Legendary" items - Including sets, armor, weapons etc. So instead of just having your normal legendary items, you will also have some items that only a certain amount were released into the game. This could open up marketing for blizzard. If there are certain items where only one was made, a lot of people would play to try and get a super rare item. You could also number some items to 10,20,30,50,100,1000... So you could have 1000 Skorn's that are better than just your regular Skorn. [Skorn 202/1000], 0r you could get a rare [Mempo 1/1]. Either way, numbered items could bring in a new audience, and blizzard could advertise the game more along the lines of.. "Who will hold the sword/axe/helm" if you catch my drift.

I just think It would be great to see a rare drop and it be sequentially numbered, knowing I am the only one, or one of the only ones to have a certain item.
Berzerker Armour

All pieces of this set have ignore durability loss.

Set has insane stats but, also has a percentage of damage you inflict returned.

Set is available in stages, each stage giving a raw %dmg modifier, and a higher %dmg reflected back.

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