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Cosmic Sword
Rune Sword
+200-400 Fire Damage
+100-150 Min Physical Damage
+150-250 Max Physical Damage
Weapon Damage +30-45%
+.2-.3 Attacks per second.
Life Steal +2-3%
10-20% On Strike call down a meteor. 5 Second CD
10-20% On Strike creates a desecrator pool. 5 Second CD

The Shredder
Hellion Crossbow
+200-400 Min Physical damage
+300-500 Max Physical damage
+5-10% Crit Chance
1 Socket
90-99% Bleed chance for 8000-12000 over 6 seconds.
Shots Pierce Target
+2 Random Affix

Death's Scythe
Dread Lance
+300-600 Poison Damage
+150-200% Crit Damage
+4-5% Life Steal
10-20% Chance to cast grasp of the dead. 10 Second CD.
10-20% Chance to summon a zombie dog (with Final Gift rune) that lasts for 20 seconds before expiring. You may only have 3 zombie dogs this way.
+2 Random Affix
I am most interested in Legendaries that support unique builds or playstyles:

Set 1H Hand Crossbow
-While Bat companion is active you have a chance to generate hatred on crit

Odin's Ravens

(2) Set:
When dual-wielding 1H hand crossbows every attack will fire a simulataneous homing version of the attack for 33% damage.

Set 1H Hand Crossbow
-Your bat companion becomes a raven companion whose attacks have a chance to blind

Odin's Ravens

(2) Set:
When dual-wielding 1H hand crossbows every attack will fire a simulataneous homing version of the attack for 33% damage.

Fist of the Maestrom
1H Fist Weapon

-Your critical strikes have a chance to extend the duration of sweeping wind by 1 second, up to 2 minutes

Tempest of the Vizier
1H Wand

-When the duration of Archon is extended, you have a chance to increase movement by 1%, up to 44%. Effect ends when Archon ends.

Menacing Caballero
Legendary 2H Crossbow

-Reduces delay on explosion of Bola Shot to 0 seconds
-Reduces damage of Bola Shot by 10%
A legendary wep with no added damage, but it increases attack speed by by like 1.5 or 3 attacks per second whatever, that the dps scales up to normal values. It could be a dagger called "Flurry Blade"
Chance to spawn diablo on hit as an ally


I would love to see a series of legendaries based on a stat that increases chance to Obliterate, which allows us to move away from Crit and Weapon Damage without implementing skill trees.

[FYI Obliterate = instakill whites, deal damage = 50% of remaining life for Blues, 40% remaining life for Yellows/Purples, 8% remaining life for Bosses, 5% remaining life for UberBosses. If these numbers seem high, consider that you're in Zeno's Paradox of "remaining life" so it won't take 2 Obliterates to kill blues, but instead 4 Obliterates to do 93% not counting the weapon damage component]

Now, imagine legendaries like this:

Skull of Ill Boding (Ring - Unique Equipped)
+100-200 Str/Dex/Int/Vit (Random)
+35-80 All Resist
-25% Magic Find (Yes, I said "minus")
+2-4% Chance to Obliterate
+2-4% Chance to Cast Firewall on target (15k DPS, 4 seconds)
+1k-5k Thorns Damage

Skull of Ill Auspices (Amulet)
+100-200 Str/Dex/Int/Vit (Random)
+200-400 Armor
-25% Gold Find (Yes, I said "minus")
+2-4% Chance to Obliterate
+2-4% Chance to Summon a Fire Golem when you are hit (20k fire damage, 20k health)
+1k-5k Thorns Damage

Now it's like "holy cow, I can do something OTHER than build around Crit!!! I could actually build around trying to proc Obliterate with rapid fire/disintegrate/AOE. In fact, I DON'T EVEN NEED WEAPON DAMAGE!!!! I could run this build without even equipping a weapon!"
Honestly, until you offer people an interesting alternative to Crit, people are just going to keep stacking it. Items like these (particularly things independent of weapon damage!) would actually force people to make CHOICES and unique builds.
Ilvl 61 demon hunter cloak

  • 7%~10% Increased attack speed
  • one of two magic properties
  • 90~120 dexterity
  • 150~190 dexterity
  • 20% extra chance to dodge attacks
  • 20% reduction in the cost of hatred and discipline spending skills
  • 1~3 sockets
  • 1 random magic property

Crown of Ages
ilvl 63 archon crown

  • one of two magic properties
  • 70~80 All Resist
  • 100~120 All Resist
  • one of two magic properties
  • +272~396 Armor
  • +420~580 Armor
  • 2 sockets
  • Reduces all cooldowns on all skills by 15%
  • 2 random magic properties

Griffon's Eye
Ilvl 63 wizard hat

  • Removes the cooldown on Wave of force and removes the knockback on all of the runes (also removes the stun portion of impactful wave)
  • Changes all runes of wave of force to deal lightning damage Only Adds 15 arcane power cost to all runes of Wave of Force
  • When wave of force hits an enemy there is a 10%~35% chance they will be pulled into melee range of the wizard followed by a 1.5 second stun duration
  • Increases all lightning damage by 20%~40%
  • Grants 10~20 Apoc on a critical hit
  • Reduces the Arcane power cost of all skills by 8
  • one of two magic properties
  • 120~170 intelligence
  • 210~320 intelligence
  • 2 random magic properties

Raven Frost ring
Ilvl 42 ring (hard coded wont be affected by future itemization update)

  • 4~6 random magic properties
  • Cannot be frozen

Dwarf Star ring
Ilvl 42 ring (hard coded wont be affected by future itemization update)

    One of 6 random magic properties
  • 150 arcane resistance
  • 150 cold resistance
  • 150 fire resistance
  • 150 lightning resistance
  • 150 physical resistance
  • 150 poison resistance
  • 4~6 random magic properties
Beater's Sword.

1H sword.

+999999999999999999999999999999999999999 min damage.
+999999999999999999999999999999999999999 to all resistance.
+Damage Reduced by 99%
+999999999999999999999999999999999999999 Life Regeneration per second.
+9.9 attack speed.
Beater's Sword.

1H sword.

+999999999999999999999999999999999999999 min damage.
+999999999999999999999999999999999999999 to all resistance.
+Damage Reduced by 99%
+999999999999999999999999999999999999999 Life Regeneration per second.
+9.9 attack speed.

Has no Crit Chance or Crit Damage, would all become brimstones
is this full? I just posted and lost the content =(
Tear of Ytar
Spirit Stone

One of the following
75-100 Dex
175-200 Dex

Increased Attack Speed 5-9%

Critical Hit Chance 3.5 - 6.00%

Reduce Spirit Regeneration 15 - 35%

One Random ability

Open Socket


And the heaven's rained tears of Gods fearing for the lives of their children.
All I want to see is more uniques and sets made from low lvl gear, perhaps with increased drop rates in normal and nightmare. It just really boosts the experience when there are useful uniques presented to you along the way. D2 did this well with low level uniques and sets. TL2 did a good job in always presenting compelling choices with the items. Depth of affixes and sets/set uniques/etc always insured that a 'legendary' or 'set or 'rare' that drops would always present a compelling choice to what you are wearing, without being a direct upgrade. Variety of affixes really make that happen.
Ring: Circle of Revenge
> Provides infinite Hatred
> -50% Health
How about if blizzard adds some items from D1. Obviously a little buff would be needed but most of them are already par with some of the legendarys now.. For example

Naj's Light Plate
Demonspike Coat

Gotterdamerung (my favorite lore item by far)

I think some old Items rebuffed with some new ones would be nice.
I think monks could use Diabos that maintain the attack speed and damage of dual-wielding weapons and also provide sustain for tempest rush. Spirit on crit would be something I'd love to see.
+10% dodge

-10% Armour

Damage increased by 20% for 3 secs when you block or dodge, can stack upto 5 times.
TL;DR Witch doctors need items that for Zombie dog cool down that are not a 1 in 58 affix items.

Make into an equivalent Mojo and add 20 second cool down for Zombie Dogs.

There is no reason Witch Doctors should be using a Hell drop Mojo that is essential for a major build. What other class has that problem?

Also make some other Zombie Dog cool down items that are not ultra rare, 1 in 58 magic properties that may or may not roll your main stat and have to roll Zombie dogs within 2 seconds of maximum to be usable.

Amulet with Dog Cool down preferably with attack speed.

A item with int only and with Dog Cool down

You could make a Zombie dog set that has the following 3 peace set bonus (Maybe 3 peace as three is the standard to get 34 seconds currently) 3 peace bonus "You can have 4 Zombie Dogs summoned at one time" OR "The cooldown of Summon Zombie Dogs is reduced by 25% or 11 seconds."
04/19/2013 01:50 PMPosted by Chaos001
I think some old Items rebuffed with some new ones would be nice.

This precisely. You guys (Blizzard) dug deep into the barrel and pulled up Ob Zod of all things. Why stop there? :T

Godly Plate of the Whale
Sovereign Mail (ilvl 62)
+ 750 – 1500 Armor
+ 30 – 100 Vitality
+ 20 – 30% Life
Some have said this mythical armor lay beneath the Zakarum cathedral in Tristram. Others pointed to Wirt, the peg-legged boy, hoarding these from the prying eyes of his unsuspecting customers. The truth, however, lies somewhere in between.

Royal Circlet
Archon Crown (ilvl 63)
One of 5 Magic Properties (varies)
– + 120 – 150 Maximum Mana (Witch Doctor Only)
– + 15 – 20 Maximum Arcane Power (Wizard Only)
– Increases Spirit Regeneration by 2.00 – 4.50 per Second (Monk Only)
– + 13 – 15 Maximum Discipline (Demon Hunter Only)
– + 15 – 20 Maximum Fury (Barbarian Only)
+ 30 – 50 Strength
+ 30 – 50 Dexterity
+ 30 – 50 Intelligence
+ 30 – 50 Vitality
+ 70 – 80% Resistance to All Elements
+ 2 Random Magic Properties
A symbol of the imperial house of Westmarch.

Give or take, I'd like to see those. Oh! And make The Grandfather a one-hander like in Diablo 1. ;]
Archangel's Staff of Apocalypse
1200-1500 Damage per Second
1.00 Attack Speed

25-50% chance to cast Apocalypse on strike (unique skill hitting all units in the vicinity at 2000% weapon damage)
+150-300 INT
+100-250 random stat
Adds +25% damage
Ghom's Treasury

Legendary Pants

100 magic find
100 gold find
slows player 6 percent
has a chance to create poison slim when hit


Jason's Heart

Legendary chest piece

300-400 Strength
300-400 Intelligence
300-400 Dexterity
50 % critical hit damage

10 % attack speed
100& chance to bleed on hit for 60 % percent weapon damage
reduces movement speed by 10 percent


Mario's Courage

Legendary Hat

9 % increased movement
9 % chance to jump on players head while doing 640% weapon damage
9 % attack speed
6% critical hit chance
100-200 Intelligence
100-200 Strength
100-200 Dexterity
4% chance to cast stone skin(diamond skin) for 20 seconds when picking up a health globe
4 % chance to to cast fireball on hit
4 % chance to triple size and increase all attack for 10 seconds when picking up a health globe

20 durability
04/19/2013 04:21 PMPosted by SuperCamel
9 % chance to jump on players head while

While what?

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