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I have a question, might be a simple one, but I am new to this (my game of choice is WoW). My bf just got this game not too long ago, but he won't let me play because no matter how many characters you have, you share money, AH, and stash, which apparently annoys him =/ (had to delete my Monk, who was kick !@#)..... He got the digital copy, and I was wondering if we had to buy another game/copy to play or if I can make an account and just use his game. PLEASE help, I can't find anything about it on any other sites ):
When you buy this game you are buying the account on not the game. So, yes, you have to buy another account.
Ugh, LAME! I thought as much. Thank you! Do you know how long the "starter edition" lasts or what lvl I can get to?
You can get to like level 13 and beat the Skeleton King.

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