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I see a lot of sophisticated posts regarding itemization and skill balancing. They are great but most of those changes require a lot of effort. I thought it would be useful to make a list of changes of which I think should be easy peasy to adjust with not too much knowledge or effort. Changes I would definitely like to see in the upcoming patches.


  • An option to hotkey skill builds to switch on the spot. Now your party doesn't have to wait for you when you switch build for PvP, Ubers or solo/team builds
  • When joining a party or public game automatically make Party Chat default chat
  • Fix the drop and trade scam exploit
  • Get rid of the Input limit reached error every time I press Public Games

  • Items

  • Loot of Superuniques need to be affected by NV stacks
  • Let the Blacksmith identify all items for one Demonic Essence. Make up a story how Deckard Cain taught the Blacksmith about the weapon compendium of Sanctuary
  • Increase Tome of Secret drops
  • Reduce Demonic Essence and Crafting Plan drops
  • Give different visual effects for complete sets
  • Gearlock to prevent accidentally selling your own gear to vendor
  • Marquise gems need a slightly higher bonus than 4 to primary stats to make up for the investment
  • There should be no such thing as useless Legendaries. I don't care if they drop less often, just make them more useful so that they live up to their name.

  • Auction House

  • Put comma-separation for large gold numbers in AH and Trade Window
  • A countdown in seconds with items that have less than 1 minute remaining (or add a stopwatch)
  • Legendary items also copy prefered stats into search when right-clicking "Search for Similar Items"
  • Odd Legendary item stats currently do not show up in the list of prefered stats in the AH search
  • Recommended selling price of commodity items such as gems should take daily average and not the average of last 10 trades to prevent speculation

  • Other

  • Merge EU and US (English) Forums. The EU forum is pretty much redundant
  • Add a constructive feedback Sub-Forum

  • This is all I could come up with for now. I will add more changes if this topic doesn't disappear into infinity. Feel free to contribute your own easy suggestions.
    Added a few more suggestions. Anyone have critique or more suggestions?

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