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I have very rarely posted on these forums, but I do visit them often. I lurk in hopes of getting updates on what Blizz intends for the future of the game and hope that they will fix this game. The game is by no means bad and I have enjoyed it for hours and hours on end. I was a diehard D2 fan and expected D3 to be the end all of arpgs and the current state of the game and the lack of transparency has really upset me. Tons of great ideas have been expressed on these forums and very rarely do we receive feedback from the devs (Travis Day's response was great).

Overall, this thread is about disappointment. I'm not quitting for good, but I am taking a hiatus from the game bc I have recently started playing another game that, although being run by a smaller company, has promised weekly content updates and has developers that constantly communicate with the playerbase. Checking these forums in hopes of an update has become an addiction because I truly want this game to succeed. I guess I am upset because I expected so much more out of D3 and am kind of let down. I have a lot of free time and will attempt to create a thread similar to the recent Gosu thread to try to get some ideas for improvement going. Anyways, hope we get some updates this week and sorry for this repetitive post.
So many butthurt kids on these forums. I just needed to vent. I said I wasn't quitting please learn to read and respond once you have more than 10k elite kills lol. You're post was quite angry and I wonder why. Perhaps my post struck you somewhere.
Don't worry about DeadRu. He likes D3 so much that he spends his time griefing people on the forums...

But anyway, you are more positive than I am, and just remember that you are certainly not the only person who feels this way. Only time will tell if things get fixed, but I for one think that anything short of a complete rebuild at this point is "probably" not going to cut it. Hmm, with enough change in itemization it may be salvageable without a complete rebuild...but...

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