well im done...

rip para 74 barbarian, died from a diconnection on mp1, was fighthing a minion arcane pack, enought said lol... have fun and gl to everyone

GL in your next game.

And I dunno if this is frowned upon but I could get some use out of your WD gear. Cuz you know... its better for the environment if you recycle and what not. Or I guess save it for when you come back.. you know you will :)
That's rough Gunner, lost a nice char.
Hey try a monk next time, they are fun
RIP your barb.
Why won't you play your WD now ? Let him leave the D3 world fighting ?

Lost one myself to d/c.
Glory To The Fallen!
enjoy making him more bad !@# on the reroll!
Love HardCore. Live HardCore.
Nice Barb, RIP.

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