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I'm still relatively new to hardcore. After dying in my first real attempt (paragon 20) I'm starting anew and trying to get to 60 ASAP. I've been using MP5 - MP3 in normal and nightmare, but I have no clue if I'm significantly under level. I want to optimize experience gain as much as I can

Just finished Act I Nightmare at level 38. Is that ok, or should I be higher or lower level?
You can enter Nightmare at level 30.
You can enter Hell at level 50.
Should be able to hit Level 60 around Act 3 or 4 in Hell.

If you repeat an Act in Normal or Nightmare, you'll be Level 60 for Hell Belial.
You don't really need to change Paragon Level. That's for people who already have gear.
Just get a +xp gem and run through the story in mp0 as fast as you can, using the AH and +Vit gems to stay over-geared for the content. Really I'm starting to think the +xp gem is even optional.

Me and my buddy are leveling alts, and he's wearing Cains set with his XP gem, along with about +100 xp on kill equipment. Against my gear (XP gem only) we didn't notice any difference through the last 3-4 levels in our level up speed playing co-op.

Early on we both thought +xp on kill gear was good below level 20, but that may not be needed either.

Really there's no secret to getting to 60 fast. Just haul !@# through the storyline and use the AH or your previous characters stashes to stay alive.

If it's your first character, it's much more iffy because you probably can't afford a lvl reduced weapon at 45-48 for the final stretch. Lesson there is to always keep at least 1 level 60 alive so you can farm gold for your alts while they level up.
Hmm interesting to see the different point of views.

I'd say you're good at lvl 38 after Act1 NM. Maybe even bump it up the MP to where you're one/two hitting white mobs. It's really about how you feel in terms of survival and killing rate. Also some tips, lower lvl items with optimal stats sell fairly fast in the AH and once you're at 60 people are starting to take advantage of the new crafting recipes, so selling some great deals for under 100k (rares). I think I was able to get about 1.2 mil by the time I was 60, and once 60 hit the NV really pays off.

I've been throwing topazes in the followers weapons during norm for a surprising boost in leveling speed. Just try new things and experiment.
My gear is decent. I'm buying high strength and vitality stuff off the AH for cheap.

My weapons are awesome though; I saved some from my previous run, all socket with inferno rubies, which is the reason I can run MP5, things just melt. I also have some nice reduced level ones starting at 44 and up. (800 DPS mainhand at level 46)

Thanks for the answers, I was worried because I was going through quickly, skipping caves, etc.

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